Story: I got a massage with “happy ending” in London

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I love seeking out the London Asian massage parlors for my happy endings. My preference is a place that looks seedy with girls that look nervous. I’m pretty hairy and sweat a lot, so I love to pick out a girl who looks fresh off the boat. I’ll lay there and groan when they start rubbing my pelt. After a while I’ll roll over like a walrus in the sun, with my stubby erection pointing straight up. If they try to get away, Ill grab them by the wrist and pull them near, forcing their faces close to my foul smelling genitals…after I’m satisfied I will stiff hem on a tip and steal their passport on the way out…good times

Well i’m hooked.Went to see my favorite massage girl and was met by another that almost massaged me the last time do to my girl was busy.She came close to massaging me,saw me nude and than my regular came in who replaced her.This time the new girl did everything,great massage,At the end of the massage she slid her body over my head and starting massaging my ass.I was asked to turn over and she started doing my chest and went to my groin.She supprized me with she put her lips on the side’s of my cock and than started with her fingers on my balls.Let me tell you,after i released,i was exhausted,almost fell over because i got up to fast.She said she should be paying me and smiled.

happy ending massage oil

happy ending massage oil

What happens if place gets raided in middle of hj session?

Nothing,since you never paid for it.Guys,here’s your excuse and it’s true.Men’s health says in order for you to keep a healthy prostate,you should get off atleast twice a week in order to prevent prostate problems,cancer include.So go out and stay healthy or stay home and do it your self.I have to say,these girls are really good in getting you rock hard.They know just how to tickle you enough that you get really excited.I’ve been with atleast 60 different women in my life and never complained but the asian massage girls are number 1 in that dept.

Do the massage parlors offer sex or just handjobs?

100% of the Asian Massage Parlors do offer actual sex, at least to me. AND, amazingly, they do NOT ask for $$$! I suppose I know how they operate (I put it under the tissue box).

I have visisted a few… Never ask for it.. Just say your a good tipper.. If they give u a god rub onthe inside of your thighs then you guide their handover the area u really wanted to be massaged:o) just remind them GOOD TIP!..Life is short and if thats all ur doing then I dont think its bad.. Theres lots of guys banging married women or have girlfriends on the side.. Thats nuts! and causes more drama.. If all your after is a happyending with a true legit massage -GOOD FOR YOU!

CandleJack wrote:
Do the massage parlors offer sex or just handjobs?

It’s come down to this,i see a girl once w week and after about 10-15 minutes of massaging ,she starts kissing me on my cheeks and works her way onto my nipples.Than she turns and has me undo her bra.As i kissing her breast,i can see she love it as she has her eyes closed and a very sexy look on her face as she playing with my cock.Got to say,it’s a great time.This time she let me put my hands inside her pants.At the end she asked me when i was comming back and gave me a big hug.One of the other girls i had been with went back to China,she was to alot of fun an believe it or not i miss her.If i’de of known i would of said goodbye,she had a great sense of humor.

To the question,I’ve had 2 girls put there lips around the sides of my you know when it was hard.The sorta went up and down on it if you can picture that LOL.However,i had seen each of them 4 times or so.

I’ve been utilizing these services for years.

First in Korea $4.50 I think including table shower, sauna, massage and the “Happy Ending” or the Jergans Jerk” as we used to call it.
With one exception only all my experiences were the same as far as getting the Happy Ending.
Only one time did I come up without.

(almost said short but realized to many would have to much fun with that”

As I said they all (-1) provoded the happy ending or more. The biggest difference has been how long they took to get to it.
I prefer the full regular massage to start, followed by the light sensual feather touch type, with a little teasing scratching (light) taking her time to fully arouse me thengetting down for business. I usually dont go any further than the happy ending the first time I see a particular attendant. If her attitude is good, she is fiun to be wuth, and talk to and does a good job Ill go further for a better tip.
Basic rates have been 70 or 80 with up to a $50.00 tip. full service 180-200 including anything kinky.
I will leave and come back if the only girl available is one whom didn’t provide adequate service the first time I saw her, This pisses of the Mamasan (Agima)and usualy works better if you are a regular and a “good guy” they know it”s not you and will try to make it right not wanting to lose you as a customer.

elary wrote:

So I went to an “Oriental massage” place not far from my house yesterday. Though I went in realizing it might not have been a legitimate operation, I did it anyway. I mean, I wanted a massage, but if something else happened, then cool.

So this Asian woman massages me for 45 min or so. She took my towel completely off at one point and totally massaged my ass. It was great. Once on my back, she eventually started massaging my stomach and chest and face. Then she asked how old I am and if I’m single- then she got close to my erection, taking the towel off again. She then put my hand on her ass and put some more oil on her hand and went to town while lightly fingering my ass. I came in about 2 minutes and it was great!!
Am I some kind of creep?? I mean, I didn’t ask for it- she just went ahead and did it. But I didn’t stop her, either. I just feel a little guilty after reading about these massage places where illegal immigrants are forced to do this.

I promise I’m not a creep!
Absolutely Not!

You are providing a service to those girls if anything, as you help her pay back her debt to the smugglers whom brought her here – so if anything she should have given you one more as a token of her gratitude of you helping here stay in the greatest country god ever invented.

Furthermore, her pimps, bodyguards, crooked cops to watch them, etc. etc. you are also helping to provide employment and cash for those folks to go out and spend more, thus stimulating the economy!!

NO CITIZEN!! You are not a bad person! Furthermore I would consider you a fine upstanding citizen and patriot! Way to keep the economy flowing!!