Story: I got a massage with “happy ending” in London

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I love seeking out the London Asian massage parlors for my happy endings. My preference is a place that looks seedy with girls that look nervous. I’m pretty hairy and sweat a lot, so I love to pick out a girl who looks fresh off the boat. I’ll lay there and groan when they start rubbing my pelt. After a while I’ll roll over like a walrus in the sun, with my stubby erection pointing straight up. If they try to get away, Ill grab them by the wrist and pull them near, forcing their faces close to my foul smelling genitals…after I’m satisfied I will stiff hem on a tip and steal their passport on the way out…good times

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A happy ending story

When we you hear about happy ending there is no need for you to be shyless or bold in order to imagine what is this about.The happy ending massage is a kind of Asian Massage that finishes with hand job or blow job.

Although everybody says it’s illegal,this type of massage is very popular all around the world and it’s usually associated with asian massagers due to it’s passion to execute it.There are many people who attend this service without being scared of a cop’s arrival that rarely happens.

You should know that the places where you can get this type of erotic massage in London are ensured and you don’t have to worry about dealing with the police.Of course,if that might happen you won’t be charged with anything, the massage studio will take the blame for everything! All you have to do is to dare having this kind of massage and not only imagine it when looking on the Internet.

This kind of massage can help you fulfill all your fantasies and associate it with a relaxing and refreshing massage session.What can be better than being relaxed and then getting sexually satisfied?

This kind of sexy massage is for both female and men but most of the clients that attend it are men. That generally happens because women aren’t bold enough and most of them are shy and prefer getting satisfied only with looking at porn movies or buying different sexual toys if they don’t have a partner.

There is no need to be worried about anything ,you only have to choose between the female massage therapists that are very good-looking and wear few clothes in order to excite your senses only by looking at them. Generally,the asian massagers are delicate,their touches are exciting enough to make both men and women willing to have sexual contact.

Recent studies show that men are having sexual fantasies more often than women and one of the most common is getting oral sex from a foreign sexy girl,someone they don’t know.It seems like this idea excites them the most just like being covered with a mask at the beginning of the massage session also helps them keep the mystery.

I said at the beginning because men get generally more excited when they see what is being done to them.The sounds also help them feel like in seventh heaven,that’s why the massagers associate gentle touches with body oils during the massage and then they let men see and hear what they get.It’s like a prize for being good during the session that makes them completely satisfied and willing to get more.

Of course,there are clients who also hesitate even when arriving at the massage studio.That happens because they need to be sure that nothing unpleasant might disturb their private moment and expose them in an unwanted situation.There are public persons that attend these services and it is very important for the massage places to offer them the best services and the security that they need for preventing their reputation’s damage.

It is also very important for the therapist to be talented and offer clients a sensual moment and sexual satisfaction at the end of the massage.Their hands have to find all the right places and make them discover sensations that they didn’t know before for exciting them.

You might fall in love with the sensation of getting a tantric massage and it’s not dirty or full of ugly women like other people say.You’ll only get the best asian massage ever and you’ll feel it was worth!

You can choose to get the massage from many therapists at the same time if that makes you fulfilled and the experience might be overwhelming!

Seductive Sensual perfume for Sensual Massage

I love sensual massage which can be a very stimulating experience for you and your boyfriend, and for better sensuality effect, I always use some sensual scents before I start the massage. It’s the first thing I look for in a perfume: I want it to be warm, enveloping and sexy. The Sensual insinuation, that’s why I usually go for ambry, oriental fragrances. So if I were going to list my Top 5 sensual scents, this is what I’d pick:

1. Musc ravageur, by Frédéric Malle: a sensual and in-the-know scent

sensual sense 1

A vanilla scent with balmy notes, “ravageur” (“ravishing”) is the perfect word to describe this intoxicating perfume. Musc ravageur is quite simply one of my favorite perfumes. Less powdery, but more animalic and untamed than Shalimar, this is a perfume for wild nights. Wear it for a sultry, seductive evening, or to spice up your love life…
Sulfurous and oh-so sultry, when the assistant to the perfumer who designed it wore a test version on the Metro, she attracted unwonted attention.

2. Habanita, by Molinard: an overlooked classic to re-discover ASAP

sensual sense 2

Known pretty much only to connoisseurs, until recently, Habanita tended to languish on a dusty shelf at Sephora.
But now it has come back into the spotlight thanks to the release of a new eau de parfum version that stays remarkably true to the original. This sensual perfume has kept all of its mysterious allure.
In a similarly sultry and spell-binding vein as Shalimar, Habanita is less well-known… and less well-behaved, too. Created for flappers in the 1920s, this fragrance has an assertive trail that won’t leave anyone indifferent. And it’s got that indefinable “special something” that draws men to you like a magnet.
A vanilla scent with “tobacco” notes, it leaves a powdery-woodsy trail that’s a veritable invitation to voluptuousness. Hot, hot, hot!

3. Allure sensuelle, by Chanel: when sensuality rhymes with elegance

sensual sense 3

Floral, spicy, ambry and woodsy… Allure Sensuelle, a multi-facetted fragrance, could be a cousin to Coco, although it’s airier.
Incarnated by actress Anna Mouglalis, this fragrance has the traditional elegance of Chanel perfumes paired with warm and vibrant notes. With Allure Sensuelle, you’ll feel classy, enigmatic and sexy.
One advantage of this perfume is that you can wear it just as well to the office, in daytime, as for an elegantly dressed night out on the town. This is a scent that implies more than it reveals; subtly seductive, it is at once dark and light, and men love it.

4. Shalimar, by Guerlain: a timeless classic

sensual sense 4

Meaning, “Abode of love” in Sanskrit, Shalimar is the sensual perfume par excellence.
With it’s high-contrast structure – fresh at the top, thanks to an overdose of bergamot, Shalimar melts into an addictive vanilla scent, with balmy, powdery and slightly animalic notes.
Mysterious, sultry and legendary, Shalimar is an ode to desire and seduction. Spellbindingly sensual, you have to give it a(nother) try if you don’t want to miss out on the perfume that will instantly turn you into a femme fatale, whatever your age or style.

5. Eau Duelle, by Diptyque: a vanilla scent that’s light and airy.

sensual sense 5

Although I’m a big fan of heady and enveloping perfumes, every so often – especially in summer — I’ll go for something that’s sensual, but sheer, too.
That’s what I love about Diptyque’s Eau Duelle: a composition with character that lies lightly on your skin. A trail that has a discreet, subtle presence, surrounding you with a sensation that’s latent rather than opulent.
Since I was looking for a vanilla fragrance, but I hate that candy-sweet effect they can have, this perfume is perfect for me. It’s a soft, dry vanilla that’s never cloying, enhanced with spicy-woody notes. And the powdery trail grants it a voluptuous finish. A must-have for anyone – male or female – who wants to trade in their old-fashioned orientals for a more delicate scent.

What about you, what do you wear when about to giving a very sensuality Massage to someone?

A total guide to Facesitting

What is Facesitting?

Facesitting is literally how the name sounds. It is where one person sits on another person’s face. Facesitting, or sometimes called queening, brings one person’s face in contact with another person’s anus or genitals, either forced or “consensual.” Once the genitals or anus of the top have been brought into contact with the bottom’s mouth, oral sex if performed. The top can also grind down, wiggle, and move around on the bottom’s face.

Normally, facesitting involves a female on top and a male or a female on the bottom. This is because genital contact is more common than contact with a person’s anus and a male cannot facesit from the top. It just does not work physically. An erection goes upwards, so a male can’t have oral contact with a person below him. Facesitting is typically considered to be part of BDSM because it can easily be used to create a dominance and submissive dynamic and humiliate the bottom if that is desired.

Why Would Someone Partake In Facesitting?

There are two main reasons why people typically partake in facesitting. It is either for the sensual experience or for a BDSM type scene.

The first is because certain men enjoy the sensation of being very intimate with a woman’s sex organ. There is a specific taste associated with vaginal secretions that may be pleasurable. There is a smell associated as well that many people find erotic. Having a person on top of you exerts pressure and that can be pleasurable and heighten the experience even more than ordinary oral sex. There is often a darkness so all your other senses such as taste, smell, and touch intensify making for a highly erotic experience. Some women can “squirt” and will discharge large amounts of fluid upon orgasm. This can be very exciting for a male to have this happen on his face. Oftentimes males do not get physical proof of an orgasm, so having it directly on their face can really solidify their ego. They feel like sex gods and can do anything. It just makes you happy to be able to pleasure your partner.

The second is for a BDSM experience. A part of BDSM is establishing a submissive and a dominant dynamic. Facesitting almost inherently creates this as one person is on the top and the sole purpose of facesitting is their pleasure. The experience also creates an altered physical strength between the two partners. When you are sitting on another person’s chest and face it is a lot easier to control their movement. Even if you are weaker than your partner, they might not be able to get up because you are on them. The bottom gives up control and is unable to do things he normally is able to do. He also gets no genital contact. His pleasure comes second. His ability to be pleasured and have sex is diminished making him second to the dominant. Some people really enjoy a D/S dynamic and facesitting creates an ideal environment to do it.

Facesitting Safety

In order to facesit, you cover a person’s mouth and nose to a certain extent. This does add some risk to it. The nose and the mouth are where people breathe from, so if you restrict them too much, you can cause harm to them. This is further complicated by the fact most people’s tongues only stick out of their mouth a few inches. So you have to be very close in order for someone to perform oral sex on you. However with some practice you can find comfortable positions where you put some pressure on the bottom but not too much that it restricts their capacity to breathe in a meaningful way. This does take practice and communication. It is also good to have a signal that things are getting too intense. An easy one is for the bottom to tap the top’s buttocks or thighs in a “tap out” manner which will signal they need air and for the top to come up and allow them to breathe. Safewords, loud mumbling, or shaking can all be safety features that accomplish the same thing. Whatever works for you.

Additional Possibilities

There are other dimensions you can add to facesitting. The first is to have the bottom in bondage. He is therefore forced to perform oral sex and this can add humiliation, helplessness, and a feeling of submissiveness, all things that people enjoy. Tie his hands to his side with wrist and thigh cuffs. Tie his hands to the side of the bed. Restrain his hands to his side with belts. Put him in a straightjacket. Any form of bondage will work that prevents him from easily moving around. Do be careful though. There is an additional safety risk. If he cannot tap you to tell you he is running out of air, then there is some more risk. So just be careful and communicate lots and have a way he can still signal.

There are pieces of furniture called queening stools or facesitting stools. These are specific forms of furniture that make facesitting easy. The bottom places his head in a box, and then the female just lowers herself onto the top of the box and he performs his duties. Now these can be quite expensive and EF does not sell them. However you can make your very own. If you are handy with wood, you can make one with relative ease. But the other option is to find a chair that has a cushion you can lift up. You lift up the cushion so there is just a hole and no cushion. You then just trim the legs until it is a good height. You can then sit or straddle the chair. The bottom’s head goes under the chair (so it is under the hole). You get the same style of furniture without much effort. If you did not want to trim the chair, you could just put the bottom on a pile of cushions until he was at the right height.

Stimulating the Top

Although the tongue can be used, the male’s nose can also be used for stimulation. The female can grind around on it causing contact with her clitoris or vagina. This can also provide stimulation. What works is going to depend on each person. But a good place to start is just sitting still, then add some movement (the top), then experiment until you find what works for you.

Hopefully you now have an understand that facesitting involves one person sitting down on another person for genital or anal stimulation. People do it for both the sensual and the BDSM aspect, and that it is a safe activity as long as you think about what you are doing. If you have any questions or personal stories feel free to leave them in the comments.

I did use gendered words during this article. That is because facesitting is typically done with a male on the bottom and a female on top. You can however switch this up if you so choose.

London Massage: My first time happy ending

This is the first time I had a “happy ending Massage”, I live in London, it is a little bit funny ,hope you guys like it. lol. my friend goes to get these things all the time and begged me to go cuz i didnt believe him so i finally went. the asian lady who greeted us was fucking hot, luckily i got her. she said been here before? nope. she said ok undress completely and lay face down. she left the room and i did, she came in put a cover over my back and started giving me a massage. ten mins in she says “you police?” the second she said that in my head i was like fuck yes blow job time. i told her no, she said you undercover? no lol ok .. still giving me same decent massage, 10 mins later AGAIN you undercover police right? NO! ok . still massaging me, then she says ok flip over. so i did and of course i have a fucking raging boner that i was trying to control. this chick was fucking hot, early 20s petite, nice sized tits and wearing leggings or some shit. so shes still massaging me face up with a cover again and goes you want a full body correct? um yeah. then she asks againnn so what do you do for a living again? policemen right? NOOOO. i didnt hint or ask once for the happy ending but still knew it had to be coming. then she started to slowly massage my dick and balls over the cover and i have my eyes shut the whole time, then she takes to cover off and says ok relax time now your very tense. bends down and under the massage table gets lotion and starts rubbing it on my legs and shit then slowly playing with me again, then going away, then gets more lotion and rubs in her hands. she then takes my right hand and puts it on her butt cheek then starts to jerk me off. omfg amazing im thinking in my head. im thinking cant believe this actually happens, so good. i started rubbing her over her pants and trying to go down her pants and she says no no no. then i go up her shirt no no no again! i said you have to give me head i cant do this she said nooo, i said yesss big tip and she said ok 40$ minimum. i said done and she wiped me off and starts blowing me, didnt tell her i was about to cum and started to cum in her mouth and she then got mad and jerked me off. then she gave me a table shower, shit was crazy. as she was drying me off she says, so you undercover police right”? i said no again but wanted to so bad break out my gold pba card and be like yes i am give me money back lol but then got dressed, tipped her 40$ and went to leave..apparently my friend stiffed his girl and told her to come to me for extra tip but i didnt give her anything and they were mad. fuck this was long but so good

went with friend to asian massage place bc i didnt believe they gave happy endings.
got handjob/blowjob
came in mouth
got asked 10-15x if i was a cop/undercover cop
go table shower
left feeling amazing