Tantric Massage awakens your senses to greater depths of sensual arousal, ensuring a Bespoke erotic encounter that is truly sensational.

Body to body Massage

Bespoke sensual massage therapists will perform the most erotic body2body massage, using the nude body on you, stimulating and giving you the most intense erotic sensations which lead to long lasting tingles, while you relax completely. The sensual massage therapist will use her hot breath on your naked body and her beautiful oily breasts to massage you.

Nuru Massage

The word Nuru in Japanese means ‘slippery’. The luxurious Nuru massage stimulates certain points which can deeply enhance erotic pleasure. A special slippery gel is used to slide across your entire body from all imaginable angles, for a perfect full body Nuru massage.

Tantric Massage

An encounter so sensational that you will undoubtedly fall in love with it. This session is sheer ecstasy! Your masseuse will create an ambiance that will ensure a mood of peace and tranquility As the appointment commences, your beautiful masseuse will use her skills to connect with your body and senses. She will help you relax and build the sensation to an extraordinary level.

Our London tantric massage sessions are really something very special. It is always exceptionally gentle, however, as the session progresses, the intimacy and expectation intensifies, bringing together a climax that is truly sensational.

Our special touch and sensuality has earned us a reputation across the city as a quality authentic Tantric Massage London specialist, established since 1992.

4 Hand Massage

The 4 Hand Massage is for the adventurous at heart. A truly sensational experience carried out by two gorgeous masseuses at the same time – giving it the name “Four Hand Massage”.

This encounter offers the same quality of attention as our other sessions, but with double the intensity.

This is yet another quality Erotic experience for the discerning gentleman .

Lingam massage

Lingam massage – Caressing of the Lingam (penis) is included with both the Tantra Massage & the 4 Hand sessions.

Our beautiful girls have truly mastered the practice of this oriental skill, and you can be assured that your experience will be one of the most memorable sensations you have ever encountered.

Prostate – Sacred G.Spot Massage

The prostate is situated between the anus and the perineum, sensations can be felt from outside of the anus, as well as about 2 inches inside the anal area. Massaging the sacred Spot, must be done sensitively, this technique leads to more powerful arousal, – has the ability to intensify male orgasms. The Prostate Massage can help to release emotional and physical problems.

Yoni Massage

Do you want to become a better sensual, lover and improve your sexual techniques? Yoni is the sanskrit for vagina. This is an erotic Ritual in honour of you and your chosen masseuse, she will guide you, to use your natural instincts for increasing sensory arousal through a very sensual foreplay & intimate caress and touch. This helps men to improve abilities, to give heightened pleasure, and improve intimacy, and personal loving and sexual relationships.

Yoni Massage for ladies, sexual healing

The Yoni encounter is for the female client. This is probably the most outstanding sensation a lady can ever experience. It is an exceptionally sensual experience. This specialist session is offered for the discerning female client. This therapy can help women get in touch with their bodies, release blockages, energise and heal sexual wounds or simply enjoy the sensual erotic pleasuring.

Special Sessions

Special sessions could be bespoked upon request, including soapy massage, Tie&tease , Fetishes and more….Please call us with your needs.


Our Number One Goal

Our number one aim is to ensure our client satisfaction. All of our masseuse’s are very beautiful and highly experienced in providing the most delightful sensual Massage. They are all very skillful and sensitive to the client which all culminates in ensuring the perfect Experience.

About Our Sensual & Erotic Massage Sessions

We provide bespoke sensual sessions to suit individual needs, including Naturist and our authentic Body to Body which are absolutely amazing

We provide Naked Tantra for singles or couples, and the exclusive 4 hands, Lingam and yoni massage for your total pleasure.

Your session begins with relaxation esalen techniques as well as pure loving touch, it involves different types of sensual techniques, incorporating lingam or yoni massage to an exceptionally high authentic standard.

Our sessions are intuitive, using tactile touch, to give you individual attention, whether its therapeutic, relaxing, or a firm therapy you need, we can incorporate these together to give you ultimate satisfaction in achieving higher realms of tantric pleasure, as well as stress relief, whether its due to physical tension, or mental stress. Tantra revitalises whole body energy !

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation? – we teach you how to prolong your own pleasures and orgasms and to have more or full control of them! Also beneficial to improve performance, and find you can be a better lover with your partner, we incorporate breath control, you can either circulate your sexual energy, so it can be raised to higher levels. Sensual and spiritual awakening, some men need to practice the techniques, to encourage confidence, and strengthen the mind body connection, depending on individual progress and needs. Amazing realizations of personal pleasures enhanced! and shared with a lover or partner.

The practice of the tantra massage – can rebuild and enhance our libidos, stimulating our sexual hormones, and revitalising and invigorating for sexual health, eventually you can go to the next phase – by achieving whole body orgasm! New enquirers often ask me, – Can I really achieve whole body orgasm?! – Yes of course! not always on the first session, but one has to culminate and practice, in order to see how it works for you. The Art of touch therapy is a powerful source of getting in touch with ourselves, and deepening the meaning of sacred sexuality, through this 5,ooo year old Indian and Asian philosophy, time tested, to give greater meaning and understanding, improve loving relationships, discovering parts of yourselves, that may have been hidden, sharing and bonding with your lover or partner, and expanding on the tactile and ecstatic sexual intimacy you can both share!