Pursuing a real ecstasy? Looking for a super version of happy ending massage in London? Our tantra lingam massage is your answer!

A man’s path to divine ecstasy goes through complete awareness. Enjoy the bespoke lingam massage session ,  put yourself in the hands of an experienced Tantra masseuse, feel the full body pleasure brings by tantra.

The Lingam Massage

lingam massage

erotic massage – happy ending experience

In the Tantric Sanskrit language, Lingam is another word for penis. During a Lingam massage the male genitals are massaged with different strokes and grips. The purpose of the Lingam massage are to help the man with sexual problems such as early ejaculation and impotency, but also to give him extreme amounts of pleasure. Your orgasm should be held back 6 times or more to create this sensation.

The session

The Erotic London Lingam massage will begin with a full body massage that advances to the massage of the male genitals. Your body needs to be completely relaxed and your breathing heavy and deep from the belly. Oil or lubricant should slowly and steadily be rubbed on your inner thighs, muscles and around the root of the penis.
Next your scrotum and testicles should be massaged gently and stroked.

Finally your Lingam should be massaged. Gently stroking the shaft and slide the lubricated fingers over it. The strokes should be done in combination, slowly teasingly, tickling and firm. Your masseuse need to make sure o control your Lingam with joint deep breathing and slow motions. You don’t want to finish too fast as the orgasm will be stronger the longer you waits. When the lingam is teased properly he base of the penis should be gripped and pulled up in a sliding motion, from the base to the top with lubricated or oily hands. Then from the top to the base, without pulling down the foreskin to hard. The testicles and perineum should also be stroked and massaged at the same time.

When it’s finally time for ejaculation your body will be shaking from an whole body orgasm. The ecstasy ( super happy ending ) experience is something you might not have experienced through a normal sex.

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