What is Bespoke Sensual Massage?

A long established business that provides visiting professional sensual, erotic tantric massage in London.

Does Bespoke Massage provide escort services?

No. We provide a massage-only service. Our customers are expected to stay passive and relaxed throughout the massage.

Does Bespoke Massage have offices in London?

For logistic and organizational purposes we have satellite offices in London.
The offices are not open to the public as we provide a visiting massage service only. This means that we come to you. You can not come to us.

Do you provide any in call service?

In call massage is a different business, so we do not. We exclusively offer visiting massage, which is also called out call massage or mobile massage. We serve central London and surrounding areas.

What are your opening hours?

In London we are open for advance and short notice bookings every day from 12.00 till 03.00.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Cash: Sterling in London, Cash only.

Does Bespoke Massage do Franchise?

If you feel that we should open a Franchise in your city, kindly send us an email, tell us more about yourself and explain us your plans. According to our discretion we might grant you a Franchise and offer Bespoke Sensual Massage services in your area.

The Servcie: About Tantra Erotic Massage

If you don’t feel quite ready for a full tantric massage, or it feels inappropriate to you because of a relationship (or any other reason), a naturist massage can be a great first step. You will still get to experience the physical touch of my Magic Hands and emotional care of my Magic Heart, just without the focus on the building of and working with sexual energy. It will still be a very enjoyable sensual experience.

Generally in this country massage is performed by a clothed practitioner massaging a client who is as thoroughly covered up as is possible considering direct skin contact is a prerequisite of the treatment. Massage courses stress ‘towel-technique’ – the ability to avoid exposing as much of the client as you can at all times. One might be excused for thinking that a lot of therapists are ashamed or almost scared or the body!

For several years now I have taken a more relaxed approach and been comfortable to work with clients undraped – it actually makes my life much easier as I can easily access whatever area I wish to work (and saves on washing too!). It also creates a more relaxed atmosphere and a deeper a sense of trust and mutuality.

Some of my clients, though, felt there was a discrepancy whilst they were naked and vulnerable and I remained clothed. So I began to work in a naturist way with some trusted clients. And they would tell me how it changed the dynamic for them, how it created a greater sense of intimacy, without necessarily being sexual at all. You can read one such testimonial on the right.

In a naturist massage I am also unclothed as well as you. It is not a euphemism for anything sexual – merely what it says. There may be some more body contact involved during the massage without straying into the realms of body to body massage. If you are not comfortable with this just let me know.

What naturist massage is not is an opportunity to stare or ogle. It is also not an invitation to touch me. Whilst I understand that this urge may arise quite naturally, the focus of the treatment is on receiving rather than giving. For a man being receptive in this way with no requirement to perform or to please another person can be very healing. Touching me also brings your energy outside of yourself instead of keeping it within. You may find that if you allow yourself to drop deeper beyond the normal desires of mutual touching you discover a more profound place within yourself where you can really let that nurturing touch in to the core of your being.

If you are looking for something more intimate see the tantric massage pages.

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