One of the latest sensual massages to spread throughout the UK is the intensely pleasurable and erotic Nuru Massage

The word Nuru in Japanese means ‘slippery’. The luxurious Nuru massage stimulates certain points which can deeply enhance erotic pleasure. A special slippery gel is used to slide across your entire body from all imaginable angles, for a perfect body to body massage.

This nourishing gel is poured onto your entire body as well as your stunning naked Goddess, so you can glide against one another in a slip and slide motion with ease and almost in complete weightlessness, creating a pleasure beyond words. In this sharing of sensuality and closeness, you can feel every curve and contour of her beautiful body. The feeling of your Goddess’s skin sliding against your body feels exciting, transforming sweet caresses into fluid and graceful velvet smooth touch that brings you to the height of your imagination.

At London Bespoke Sensual massage you will be able to experience the exquisite and passionate pleasure of Nuru massage, from one of our professional Nuru massage therapists sending you into a world of unforgettable sensations.

What is Nuru gel?

Nuru gel is tasteless, colourless and odourless, as well as offering a range of health benefits. The health benefits provided by the seaweed in Nuru gel include the fact that it cleanses and detoxifies the body, while soothing the skin and helping increase blood flow – this really is an incredible herbal treatment and you will feel amazing after the massage. This gel enables the masseuse to provide an even more sensuous experience for the recipient. Nuru gel is very wet and slippery, feeling cool to the touch but adding a level of increased comfort when applied all over the body – as it will be as part of the massage.

Slippery Nuru Massage in London

The nickname for slippery nuru massage, body slide, provides a concise overview of what real nuru massage offers. This is no ordinary massage – Nuru gel is applied to both bodies to help create an extremely erotic experience. The masseuse will warm the cool gel between her hands to ensure maximal pleasure upon application. Slippery massage involves applying the Nuru gel all over the body, aiding greatly in relaxation. After she has applied the gel with her hands, she will begin to use the curves of her own naked body on yours as part of the nuru massage treatment. The massage will begin with you lying on your front, then turning over onto your back so the masseuse can attend to the front of your body. Slippery nuru massage will relieve tension and create an exquisite mix of relaxation and excitement.

As with all forms of sensual massage in London, your nuru massage experience is highly customizable. Your masseuse will likely ask questions to determine whether you have experienced slippery massage before and answer any questions you may have as to how the nuru massage will work. Your masseuse will be a trained professional and will do her utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable, pleasurable experience that will turn you into a sensual massage convert (if you are not one already) and keep you coming back for more.