Enjoy the best tantric massage service in London bespoke sensual massage. Tantra is the art of intertwining the spiritual with the physical. Tantric practitioners do not believe in the separation of the mind and the body, the soul and the spirit, it is all interwoven and linked together. The body is treated like a temple and is revered. Many people believe that the body is something to be kept locked away and nay pleasure of it is shameful and should be kept a secret. Tantra seeks to remove that taboo, celebrating the body in all its gloriousness and allowing it not only to bask in the physical pleasures that Tantric massage offers, but also allows it to be used as a conduit for spiritual expansion.

Tantra teaches that we are connected to God and are never separated as we may feel. It allows a self-expression of love and validates all feelings, emotions and sensations that arise in the body.

the sensual tantric massage

the sensual tantric massage in London

Tantric massage gives pleasure to the body by the use of different strokes, which are designed to entrance and stimulate the physical body, allowing its senses to become alert and charged. This allows the Kundalini energy, coiled at the base of the spine, to awaken and travel through the chakra points of the body culminating in the crown chakra. Once the energy reaches that spiritual center is fills the chakra with a flow that allows the spiritual consciousness to expand and reach out into the universe. Sexual energy is very potent energy and is renowned for its use in such spiritual practices.

Allowing London’s Tantric masseuses to take you into this deeply personal journey of self expression is an honour and a privilege, which is why your experiences are encouraged in all their richness.

Very often, the sense of smell can play a large part in the overall sensory experience, which is why perfumed candles, incense or aromatic and sultry massage oils are used as part of the Tantra massage. The senses can be quickly stimulated, which allows the body to follow suit once the masseuse starts the erotic massage.

Tantra truly is an art that can help with many physical problems and can help in cases where pills and potions have failed to be successful. Tantra is very beneficial for those who have issues with premature ejaculation or need a little direction in maintaining an erection. These are common problems that some men experience from time to time and it is wonderful to know that such a sensual and erotic experience can help alleviate those problems in a very short space of time.

Your London Tantric Goddess will help you to strengthen the muscles in your genital area (lingam) and she will take you to the edge of orgasm whilst teaching you this. This gradual strengthening of the muscles allows you to maintain an erection for longer and can prolong your lovemaking at home.

Tantra not only helps with sexual issues or dysfunction, it can also help with teaching you how to give more pleasure to your partner. Everyone assumes that making love to someone comes quickly and easily without teaching, but the reality is that for many lovemaking can be over very quickly with one or both parties feeling undervalued. In fact, for some lovemaking can become quite frustrating if one of the couples fulfils their own needs quickly, whether it is of their own wishes or not. Tantra can reverse this and can have the effect of achieving a great experience for both parties, allowing greater self expression without self-consciousness. Choosing to learn Tantra and its erotic principles is something that has benefited countless couples. Not only has it added spice to their sexual lives, but it has also increased the amount of shared intimacy. Some even choose to follow a spiritual aspect that can be greatly enhanced by Tantra.

The art of Tantra allows a person to feel free and unfettered from the earthly bondages. It teaches that everything has a place and loving and honouring all feelings is part of daily life. Choosing to accept Tantra into life can help you grow as an individual, helping you to recognize inadequacies or weakness and work on them to either turn them into a positive trait, or acknowledge them and choose to work with a more responsive part of your nature.

Truth be told, Tantra helps you to be the very best you can. Let our sexy massage girls guide you on this path today!