Enjoy Asian massage in London for Intimate Connection

If you are feeling stressed, lonely or in the need of intimate connection with a beautiful female…our Asian massage is the right therapy for you. A Butterfly sensual London Asian massage combines the traditional massage with sensual energy. An Asian massage experience totally differs from that of a normal massage mainly because unlike a normal massage where a person lies down on a table and receives a massage, in a Asian massage, the masseuse uses interactive elements as well such as, verbal communication, eye contact, energy movement and breathing techniques while touching a person’s entire body in order to stimulate their senses. This type of massage creates a conscious connection between both the giver and the receiver, which enhances both intimacy and pleasure.

enjoy a Asian massage in London for Intimate Connection

enjoy a Asian massage in London for Intimate Connection

Most Asian massage parlours in London ( find out more about London massage parlours at London massage book are open for both individuals and couples alike, and especially for couples who get to spend some intimate time together during the massage. The foundations of the Asian massage is touch and communication which are used in unison to enhance the senses as the giving and receiving dissolves into a harmonious flow of energies.

This weekend will be an ideal time to deepen the connection between you and the person you love. Whether you attend a couple’s massage or a single massage session, you will get to;

• Combine physical pleasure with spirituality.
• Learn more on sensual healing by getting a full body Asian massage.
• Explore the feeling of surrendering fully to the giver of the Asian massage.
• Open doors to the heart and discover things about yourself you never knew before.
• Trust more in your relationship and be more open to sensual pleasure.

Relaxing Asian massage experience is intended to be a sensual experience that goes further than the physical aspects of intimacy, which is what makes the Asian massage one which everybody should experience at least once. For more information you can contact us or simply visit our massage parlour at paddington.