Tantric Massage Services in London

Tantric Massage London Therapy

Tantra can help prolong erotic pleasure and is a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy where time disappears and all your problems are forgotten. Serious Tantric practice requires time and dedication, but anyone can get a taste of Tantric bliss by means of Tantric massage. Please make sure that nothing will disturb you and your masseuse. Your London Tantric Goddess will begin the massage by having you lay comfortably on your belly with your legs slightly apart. Then she will slowly and gently massage your toes, feet, thighs, spine, shoulders and arms with balmy fragrant oil. Tantric massage is a full body massage, so every part of your body will be given attention and care, with the special emphasis on your most sensitive areas. After finishing with your back, your masseuse will turn you around and will pay even more attention to your body. Skilfully combining tantric techniques with special visualizations and breathing, she will intensify your sensitivity and build the pleasure up to the maximum. Your beautiful and experienced erotic masseuse will know how to prolong this exciting sensual journey, all you have to do is to stay relaxed and focused on the experience. Your journey will culminate in Lingam/Yoni massage.

Tantric massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

One of the many benefits of Sensual massage is help men with premature ejaculation issues.

Massage Oils can be scented or fragrance free.

Additionally, your Tantric Goddess can touch and stroke you with satin fabrics and silk scarves to accentuate the pleasure.

We are always happy to tailor-made your Tantric experience, so please ask us if you have any special requirements.

Worship your Goddess

To make the most of the erotic massage experience we encourage men to be passive during their massage session and stay relaxed and focused on their feelings and sensations. However, we know that some men can’t refrain from touching their masseuse so we decided to introduce this extra service to make your experience even better. You can caress and worship her body but remember that every Goddess has her own boundaries so please treat your Tantric Goddess with respect.

We ask you to refrain from groping, biting, pinching or fingering your masseuse.

Naked Massage

Feeling lonely in a big city, overwhelmed with your business commitments, want to share your worries and concerns? Or just want an informal chat over the glass of champagne with a gorgeous lady? No problem, you can have Naked Therapy! It includes 30 minutes of socializing with the Tantric Goddess of your choice followed by one hour of erotic massage.

Lingam Massage – Full Body Happy Ending Massage

Sanskrit word Lingam is also known as ‘wand of light’ or ‘magic wand’ and it simple English means penis.

We use various tantric techniques and movements to stimulate the genital areas including your inner thighs and buttocks. Light strokes will be followed by more intense motions sending waves of pleasure through your body. This usually is accompanied by breathing techniques and visualizations to build the pleasure up.

Upon request, your Goddess can include sacred spot massage (also known as prostate massage) into your lingam massage session.

One of the benefits of lingam massage is an improved control of your sexual energy. We recommend lingam massage to men who suffer from ejaculation problems.

Sensual massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

Additional Lingam Massage

Each tantric massage session includes lingam massage at the end. If you feel like this is not enough and would like to be relieved twice, you can order additional lingam massage.

Sacred Spot massage (prostate massage therapy)

The Sacred spot of a man is his prostate gland. It is based midway between the testicles and anus. Prostate can be massaged externally or internally, depending on how adventurous you are.

Sacred spot massage can help you boost the intensity of your orgasms and learn how to control ejaculation.

Prostate massage can also release emotional and physical stress. Prostate massage therapy is professionally performed by trained and skilful masseuses.

Yoni Massage

In Sanskrit vagina is called yoni and it is considered to be the sacred temple of a woman. Tantric massage for women traditionally includes yoni massage. We do not include Yoni Massage into standard sensual massage session but give you an option to choose it if you feel comfortable.

Please let us know if you’d like to include Yoni massage in your London massage experience.

The purpose of the Yoni massage is to pleasure and massage the Yoni and orgasm is a pleasant side effect. The orgasm is usually more intense and satisfying.

Couples Massage Tantric Therapy

If you are a couple, we can offer you something new and exciting – the Tantric massage for couples. During this experience, both of you will be massaged at the same time.

Your Couples massage London session can be tailor-made depending on your requirements.

Take your love life on a different level!

London Body to Body Massage (b2b massage)

Body to body massage (b2b massage) means that your Tantric Goddess will be using her gorgeous naked body to massage yours. She will be sliding and gliding her body along yours to deliver erotic sensations as well as stronger massage touch. Body to body massage is an unusual, Tantra-specific technique which gained enormous popularity due to its combined (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.
While certain agencies charge additional fees for their body to body massage sessions, here at Shakti b2b massage is already included in the price of each and every sexy massage session and does not incur any extra payments. Body to body massage is an integral, inseparable part of Tantra and we feel it would be wrong to offer it at extra cost.