What does London Sensual Massage involve?

Though the word ‘Sensual’ may immediately mark this form of massage as slightly taboo, Sensual massage is actually widely recognized for the variety of benefits – including physical, sexual and emotional – recipients experience. Though some may disregard this notion and maintain that Sensual massage is nothing more than an excuse for more socially-acceptable paid sexual contact, Sensual massage has actually been practiced for hundreds of years since its beginnings as a medical treatment.

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What to Expect From Your First Tantric Massage

Many people fear tantric massages because they aren’t exactly sure what to expect from these exotic little adventures. A bespoke London sensual massage is always a relaxing experience, but it can take someone who is new to the idea a bit longer to start unwinding and enjoy the pleasures that the masseuses will bestow upon you.

Enjoy massages from beautiful girls

Tantric masseuses are trained to be seductive in their techniques and chosen for their exceptional skill, talent and brilliant personalities. The first thing a masseuse will do during a tantric massage is treating you with a sweet and confident way so you will not feel intimidated.

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Why you need a nuru massage

Are you keen on finding a way of letting everything go? Then you should consider booking a nuru massage in London. Just make sure you book with an agency that is assured to unwind your worries.

For centuries, massage has been recognised as the most nurturing and therapeutic way of relaxing exhausted body parts. It was the great ancient civilisations of Egypt, China, Greece and Rome who first understood how a controlled massage can do wonders for soft body tissues – enhancing health and providing relief from anxiety at the same time.

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The Tantric Massage Salon

Tantric Massage in London

We specialise in the art of Tantric Massage, Sensual Massage and Erotic Massage our treatments are naturist massages (known as nude massages). We also offer many bespoke tailor made sessions and Tantric Massage Sensual Pamper Journeys.

Visit Tantric Massage London and experience luxurious pampering beyond your wildest dreams

Tantric Massage in London brings you the cutting edge of innovative therapies combined with the exotic ancient TANTRIC pleasure arts, nourishing the mind body and soul.
Executive Tantric and Sensual Massage London

Tantric Massage : Caviar, Champagne and Gold the luxurious erotic massage pamper journey for gentlemen: Basking your taste buds in deeply intense waves of pleasure with Champagne and Caviar with a beautiful Goddess to caress, worship and adore every inch of your being with sensual tantric massage …

Chocolate Sensual Massage: Melt into the ultimate luxury with natures aphrodisiac, Erotic Massage with chocolate oil, experience your beautiful goddesses body sliding and gliding together with yours into sensual heaven.

Mutual Erotic massage: An intense journey of mutual pleasure, your massage therapist will massage you in different positions you will reciprocate these motions allowing a journey of mutual erotic massage pleasure. .

Tantric Massage: Body Worship Massage: An innovative powerfully provocative experience indulging and awakening all your senses, using erotic techniques such as butterfly kisses all over your body, breath, feathers, body to body.. raising your pleasure endorphins of the scale, cleansing and balancing your mind body and soul. Tantric Massage is a beautiful way to become more present in your body to re discover all the magical pleasures it can bring you… Tantric Massage is a journey, not a template of motions, it is a journey through the senses in which your body will become alive, your experience will be completely unique, a beautiful sensual journey of ecstasy encompassing all forceps of your being.

We also offer an Outcall Visiting Massage Service. PLEASE SEE ‘SCHEDULES’ for Visiting Masseuses.

Sensual Massage London

Tantric Massage Central London: A full body Naturist massage (Nude Massage), slow, intimate and very sensual, using scented or non scented oils to help glide around the body and sensually stimulating all areas of the body from top to tail.
Indulge yourself in a paragon of ecstasy as your beautiful Massage Therapists body glides slowly and delicately against your own body moulding and exploring every curve. Sensual massage London offers a unique journey into sensuality, sensuality as an experience, each treatment is performed by a highly skilled beautiful masseuse in tune with your body and your needs. Call now a book for undoubtedly the best Sensual Massage experience in London

Healing Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Swedish massage ending in Chakra balancing, the focus on harmonizing and balancing the body’s natural energies. Healing tantric massage heals the mind, body and rejuvenates your main energy centres leaving you fresh and focused and invigorated.

Erotic Tantric Massage: A full body Naturist Erotic Massage, body to body, tantric erotic techniques used to heighten pleasure, aimed at building and embracing the body’s natural arousal energies. Erotic massage is only just now being recognised for its health benefits, in this modern age, once frowned on by the masses it is now well documented that raising sexual energy improves and lengthens your life. Erotic massage London brings to you Erotic massages put together from their experience and innovative proven techniques, entwining modern massage techniques with tantra and therapists highly skilled in the sacred erotic arts. Erotic Massage in London, live the dream.

Tantric Rituals

Tantric Massage combined with a ‘Bathing Ritual’ – This is a beautiful pampering experience if you wish to spoil yourself ‘cause your worth it’… you are invited to join us straight from the office!!! you will be lead in by your therapist, she will slowly undress you …..

Pamper Packages – Perfect for the stressed business man, entertaining corporate clients, a busy mum to escape, or simply treat yourself for your own pleasure.Massage Spa
Simply click on Tantra for Men, Tantra for Women or Tantra for Couples.

We welcome Females to come along and learn the re discover their Sexuality, Goddess Empowerment or simply enjoy a Tantric Massage or Tantric Pamper Journey.

Tantra for couplesWe welcome Females to come along and learn the re discover their Sexuality, Goddess Empowerment or simply enjoy a Tantric Massage or Tantric Pamper Journey.

We also invite Males to come and learn the sacred Taoist Art forms of enhancing and learning to be better lovers. Private tuition available on how to perform beautiful Tantric Massages and Yoni Massages on their lucky partners

We offer unique and hands on sessions, we teach Tantra to couples the stuff they really want to know in a down to earth and hands on way. We teach you how to realistically incorporate tantra and tantric massage arts into your lives. This will change your relationship forever; you will discover new depths of love and connection, in a beautiful way that will be a life journey for you.
Our Couples Tantra sessions run from bespoke ‘one-to-one sessions’ through to a ‘levels one-five’ course all with highly skilled experienced independent tantric practitioners.
Tantric Massage London, Learn the art of sacred Tantric Loving

Tantric Massage in London, London Tantric Salon
UK Head Office
International Institute of Tantra
Part of a Global Movement

Tantra and Tantric Massage in London

Tantra is an Ancient Indian Philosophy, it celebrates the Devine magic, that electric current generated between male and female that creates life, Tantra embraces all of our very existence, our minds, physical body (all of it) and our Energy bodies.

Couples TantraThere are many practical ways Tantra, the Tantric Practises can be incorporated into our lives today, Tantra creates communication in our relationships, deepens our love connection, improves our sex life’s, all of these factors are crucial to our happiness. If single, Tantric practises prepare you for the meeting of our soul mate, the practises fill you with inner love, confidence and happiness.

Tantric Massage London

At the London Tantric Salon, (tantric massage in London), we do may custom made sessions for individuals of all walks of life, the treatments we offer on this website are a guidance, Tantra has no bounds.

Tantric Massage London is offers Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage, Naturist Massage, Nude Massage, and a variety of pamper journeys.

Tantric Massage London is an advertising agent for self employed holistic therapists. Each treatment is defined by the massage therapist. Each therapist is paid for holistic Massage, they do not offer sexual services of any kind, they offer only holistic therapies. This website is a guide and offers information on tantra for your entertainment. Any situations occurring outside holistic massage are a private matter between 2 consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for or subject to any financial compensation and lies beyond the scope of the liability of the London tantric Massage Salon.

A New Massage parlour opening in Green park

Witness the New Massage in Green Park, London

Just met Lucy in Green park Cherry Massage studio – their brand new massage studio in London.

For your high end lush massage experience the new massage parlour, opening here in London, is one of a kind. With many successful branches already operating in other areas of London, the new addition has given their reputed services a new meaning. The luscious massage in Green Park has been brilliantly planned in this new location for making it accessible to people more conveniently. The area between Green Park and Hyde Park had no reputed massage parlour service. So, the officials took this step to establishing it here.

green park cherry massageA new branch has to be planned very carefully so that the high standard maintained in other branches is also witnessed in this new one. For many, it is a challenge that is not able to be fulfilled. But, the officials present at this reputed massage parlour are ready to pledge their high standard services just like in other branches. They would love their customers to feel that same feeling and pleasure as witnessed in the other branches. For them, the services are going to be performed with the same quality. It will only be easier to approach here for many customers.

The step has been initiated to provide quality services to the customers, both old and new. Their long list of quality massages has already been known by many who have visited other branches of their services. This gives them the courtesy to share the joy with others through their new branch here in Green Park area. Massage in Green Park is going to maintain its reputed quality just like other branches as affirmed by the owners. For them, that exquisite and high standard performance is significant to keep their goodwill intact.

Full-fledged commitment will be witnessed when the new branch will be ready to serve the customers. New and experienced masseuses are also going to be provided at the place for intriguing the customers. The feeling at the new parlour is certainly going to be fresh, but that doesn’t change their reputed services tactics for their customers. For many customers, it would be a much easily reachable place. And the quality massages to be going to be performed with full dedication. Certainly, it is a huge step taken by the parlour to expand its services in a new region of London. But, they do have a reputation to get along with their new place and new customers.

Massage Menu:

  1. Body to body treatment
  2. Hot coconut oil massage
  3. Nuru slippery massage
  4. Oriental Tantric Massage
  5. Prostate bliss massage

Call Cherry touch today to get a top notch massage in their brand new massage parlour.

London Adult Massage News by Jack London @ Bespoke London Fun

The Recommended Erotic massage in Chelsea

What a good would be a massage if not given properly? Even though a brisk one can be highly mesmerizing, just imagine how much peaceful would a full body one be. A similar experience can now be considered if you are living in Chelsea district of London. Your wish for an erotic massage in Chelsea can now be fulfilled through quality service providers operating here. The alluring district of Chelsea is populated with a high percentage of Americans, outside USA. And just like other races, Americans too love to have a nice titillating experience with such massages. The place is also well known for its wealthy residents who love to enjoy life to the fullest. And for their ultimate luxuries, the nude massage parlor can be a relevant choice.

a perfect massage

a perfect massage

Chelsea’s endearing location next to the River Thames makes it the perfect location to live if you are rich enough to afford one. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a wonderful time experiencing the lovely masseuses at the nude massage parlor here in Chelsea. The location of the parlor is setup in such a way that tourists can conveniently visit it for an arousing experience. What the expert masseuses offer here, is going to revive your tired bodies for sure. Years of experience, through those young hands will make you leave all your nervousness and indulge in an experience way beyond your imagination. Nuru massage , tantric massage and other similar sensual massages that they provide will give you lushness through an enjoyment session that has never been witnessed before.

Lovely massage experts that they have will make sure that your senses experience an unpredictable pattern of love making you even more aroused through their quality massages. If you are expecting a nude massage session in full privacy, then that is what they offer you at affordable prices. Erotic massage in Chelsea is a committed service provider and tends to maintain its quality service for their long range of customers. For that, they make sure that customers are given all sorts of comforts through their variety of massages. Make sure that you choose your favourite masseuses at their online site and book a session for your titillating experience. Privacy is what they provide you in combination with luxury. Experts here will make sure that you are given full-fledged luxury, through enticing massage experiences. Witness the beauty yourself by approaching them here in Chelsea.

If you are looking for a perfect massage in Chelsea & Kensington area, the following massage parlour might be a nice choice.

  1. the Cloud9 massage (http://www.londonnudemassage.com/)
    • email: cloud9asianmassage@gmail.com
    • tel: 07918113143
  2. Butterfly massage (http://gomassagelondon.co.uk)
    • email: butterflymassagelondon@gmail.com
    • tel: 07448836016
  3. Erotic Temple (http://erotic-london.com/)
    • email: n/a
    • tel: 0783 143 0916
  4. Our experts team is keep looking for more nice massage service provider in this area.


Asian Massage type in London

Asian Massage has existed as a medical treatment for centuries. While no one knows for sure how long again the extension of massage into the erogenous zones of the human body began, it’s probably safe to say that it has been around for just as long as massage itself has. In many locations and massage styles, the process is not considered complete unless the person receiving the massage has a full release. In other situations, the massage serves as nothing more than a perfunctory or even non-existent process used to cover up for the exchange of money for erotic experience

The are many types of massage in London. First is the ownership of the massage parlor. Is it a Korean Massage Parlor, Chinese Massage Parlor, Thai Massage Parlor, India Massage Parlor or British-owned and operated massage parlour. Maybe something else all together. Even when the ownership is narrowed down there are various styles of massage. A Chinese massage parlor may specialize in Tui na or something else. Or it may not have any specialization at all outside of making the customer leave satisfied. An British-owned shop could specialize in Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Thai massage or something else all together. It may also be a location that specializes purely in erotic services. It may also be a provider of Tantra massage.

Tantric Massage Services in London

Tantric Massage London Therapy

Tantra can help prolong erotic pleasure and is a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy where time disappears and all your problems are forgotten. Serious Tantric practice requires time and dedication, but anyone can get a taste of Tantric bliss by means of Tantric massage. Please make sure that nothing will disturb you and your masseuse. Your London Tantric Goddess will begin the massage by having you lay comfortably on your belly with your legs slightly apart. Then she will slowly and gently massage your toes, feet, thighs, spine, shoulders and arms with balmy fragrant oil. Tantric massage is a full body massage, so every part of your body will be given attention and care, with the special emphasis on your most sensitive areas. After finishing with your back, your masseuse will turn you around and will pay even more attention to your body. Skilfully combining tantric techniques with special visualizations and breathing, she will intensify your sensitivity and build the pleasure up to the maximum. Your beautiful and experienced erotic masseuse will know how to prolong this exciting sensual journey, all you have to do is to stay relaxed and focused on the experience. Your journey will culminate in Lingam/Yoni massage.

Tantric massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

One of the many benefits of Sensual massage is help men with premature ejaculation issues.

Massage Oils can be scented or fragrance free.

Additionally, your Tantric Goddess can touch and stroke you with satin fabrics and silk scarves to accentuate the pleasure.

We are always happy to tailor-made your Tantric experience, so please ask us if you have any special requirements.

Worship your Goddess

To make the most of the erotic massage experience we encourage men to be passive during their massage session and stay relaxed and focused on their feelings and sensations. However, we know that some men can’t refrain from touching their masseuse so we decided to introduce this extra service to make your experience even better. You can caress and worship her body but remember that every Goddess has her own boundaries so please treat your Tantric Goddess with respect.

We ask you to refrain from groping, biting, pinching or fingering your masseuse.

Naked Massage

Feeling lonely in a big city, overwhelmed with your business commitments, want to share your worries and concerns? Or just want an informal chat over the glass of champagne with a gorgeous lady? No problem, you can have Naked Therapy! It includes 30 minutes of socializing with the Tantric Goddess of your choice followed by one hour of erotic massage.

Lingam Massage – Full Body Happy Ending Massage

Sanskrit word Lingam is also known as ‘wand of light’ or ‘magic wand’ and it simple English means penis.

We use various tantric techniques and movements to stimulate the genital areas including your inner thighs and buttocks. Light strokes will be followed by more intense motions sending waves of pleasure through your body. This usually is accompanied by breathing techniques and visualizations to build the pleasure up.

Upon request, your Goddess can include sacred spot massage (also known as prostate massage) into your lingam massage session.

One of the benefits of lingam massage is an improved control of your sexual energy. We recommend lingam massage to men who suffer from ejaculation problems.

Sensual massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

Additional Lingam Massage

Each tantric massage session includes lingam massage at the end. If you feel like this is not enough and would like to be relieved twice, you can order additional lingam massage.

Sacred Spot massage (prostate massage therapy)

The Sacred spot of a man is his prostate gland. It is based midway between the testicles and anus. Prostate can be massaged externally or internally, depending on how adventurous you are.

Sacred spot massage can help you boost the intensity of your orgasms and learn how to control ejaculation.

Prostate massage can also release emotional and physical stress. Prostate massage therapy is professionally performed by trained and skilful masseuses.

Yoni Massage

In Sanskrit vagina is called yoni and it is considered to be the sacred temple of a woman. Tantric massage for women traditionally includes yoni massage. We do not include Yoni Massage into standard sensual massage session but give you an option to choose it if you feel comfortable.

Please let us know if you’d like to include Yoni massage in your London massage experience.

The purpose of the Yoni massage is to pleasure and massage the Yoni and orgasm is a pleasant side effect. The orgasm is usually more intense and satisfying.

Couples Massage Tantric Therapy

If you are a couple, we can offer you something new and exciting – the Tantric massage for couples. During this experience, both of you will be massaged at the same time.

Your Couples massage London session can be tailor-made depending on your requirements.

Take your love life on a different level!

London Body to Body Massage (b2b massage)

Body to body massage (b2b massage) means that your Tantric Goddess will be using her gorgeous naked body to massage yours. She will be sliding and gliding her body along yours to deliver erotic sensations as well as stronger massage touch. Body to body massage is an unusual, Tantra-specific technique which gained enormous popularity due to its combined (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.
While certain agencies charge additional fees for their body to body massage sessions, here at Shakti b2b massage is already included in the price of each and every sexy massage session and does not incur any extra payments. Body to body massage is an integral, inseparable part of Tantra and we feel it would be wrong to offer it at extra cost.