London nuru massage

Why you need a nuru massage

Are you keen on finding a way of letting everything go? Then you should consider booking a nuru massage in London. Just make sure you book with an agency that is assured to unwind your worries.

For centuries, massage has been recognised as the most nurturing and therapeutic way of relaxing exhausted body parts. It was the great ancient civilisations of Egypt, China, Greece and Rome who first understood how a controlled massage can do wonders for soft body tissues – enhancing health and providing relief from anxiety at the same time.

London nuru massage

Wondering how nuru massage came into existence? Well, other than the above mentioned four nations, Japan too over past years has recognised the benefits of massage, allowing it to become a highly regarded field in their culture. As a result, they came up with an effective mind and body massage – known as nuru massage – which is an even more sensual and stimulating twist on the original. ‘Nuru’, which in Japanese means something slippery, refers to the lubricant gel used to cover the body when administering the ritual.

However, in a nuru sensual massage, both client and masseuse are naked. Why is this so much better than the traditional Japanese practise? The fact is that it lets you feel unconstrained as the gel is practically applied on your skin. The reason why this kind of massage is entirely different to any other massage is because this is a body to body contact massage. Get ready for passionate slides and glides from the masseuse’s body contact.

Why you need this massage

So now that you know what’s involved, why do you need one? Well, in several ways a nuru massage in London will aid healing, health and recovery. In case of any injury, massage is proven to accelerate the body’s metabolic processes, thereby reducing the injury recovery period.

It can also alleviate pain in a similar way, by exciting production of endorphins which act as natural painkillers – thus lessening uneasiness.

Third, it diminishes tension. It can be difficult to alleviate stress as there is no exact cure. Well, there’s nothing like a good massage will do to your mental health in terms of relieving your worries and stresses.

Finally, did you know that nuru massage London boosts energy? Yes, it’s a scientific fact, and will help you during your health and fitness regimen.

The professional use of this amazing Japanese gel promises all this, and so much more. It can aids in refreshing your skin through its nourishment and moisturizing effects, boosts one’s immune system, and – get this – research indicates that when you are relaxed, you become less susceptible to illness!

Who wouldn’t want a nuru massage London if it is indeed as sensual and beneficial a type of therapy that has been effectual to so many people?

If you’re interested, as I said before just make sure you book with the best. Embrace Massage in London have a great article on the subject, already linked to earlier in this post.

I hope you enjoy your massage experience – you’re in for a treat!

Want a go? You can Find a Nuru massage in London in Nuru guru.

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