Sensual massage secrets: How to do nude massage

As many clients have ask us about LSM’s nude sensual massage secrets, today I will lead you to explore a little.

One of the hottest massages available in London is the nude Asian Massage, and the girls in the massage parlours there are the experts on how to give a nude Asian Massage. These nude Asian Massages are very sensuous and last from one and a half hours to two hours. If you would like to try this out on your partner for an experience you won’t forget, here are some tips by LSM’s professional massage team on how a nude massage is done.

Nude massage

Get completely naked and get in a bath tub to get completely relaxed. The first step in giving a nude Asian Massage is to get into a tub and place your legs under your partner so he floats to the top and you can massage and caress his most intimate areas. Go slowly and don’t miss any important areas.

Wash every nook and cranny thoroughly during this intimate tub massage. Cleanliness is the most important part of the nude Asian Massage. It is also during this time that intimate caressing, some oral sex or breast massages, if so desired, may occur. This process usually lasts approximately thirty minutes.

After the tub massage, it is time to move to an air mattress on the floor. The mattress is filled with soapy suds. Cover yourself with the soapy suds and massage your partner’s body with your body, sliding up and down and slithering all over him. Here is where you can get real creative and make up some moves of your own. With practice you can become an expert in thinking up unusual moves and giving a sensuous nude Asian Massage.

After the air mattress, both you and your partner rinse the soap off, dry off and move to a bed. The massaging and caressing continues, and at this point more oral sex or even physical sex may occur, depending on what you and your partner want. When your partner thinks he is fully satisfied and the massage is over, it is not!

The non-sexual part of the nude Asian Massage now begins. Give your partner a slow, relaxing, non-sexual massage. Use a massage oil and work on every muscle, stretching them as you go. This intimate, sensual experience is one you and your partner may want to repeat time and again. Enjoy!

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