How to perform a nice tantric massage?

Giving tantra massage is an ancient spiritual practice first developed by the Hindus many centuries ago. The purpose of tantra massage is to awaken and connect with the divine energy of the body, experiencing its sensuality, while becoming one with the universe. Basically, you want to feel and know that you are not a separate entity from the world and beyond. This kind of awareness enhances sexual pleasure by removing the mind from the picture. This is no ordinary massage so be warned, once you give tantra massage you may never go back.

Prepare your space.  Tantra massage is a sacred ritual requiring a pure environment. Remove clutter from the area. Have soft candle light glowing and soothing meditative music playing. If you don’t have a massage table, make sure the bed, couch or floor is comfortable for both you and your partner. You wouldn’t want a back ache or a stiff neck to take away from the ecstasy this massage can produce.

Awaken your energy. Prepare for your  tantra massage by getting into the right state of mind. Meditate before beginning. Your goal is to feel at one with the universal life force. Wear a robe or loose fitting clothing during your preparation.

Connect energetically with your partner. Undress mindfully one at a time. Thank them in your mind or out loud for experiencing this ancient ritual of  tantra massage with you. Once you are both naked, the one receiving the massage may lie down face up.

Massage from head to toe, but ignore the genitals. Work your way up from head to toe while you and your partner breathe deeply. Fully relax the receiver of the  tantra massage before moving on. Pay special attention to the center of the body.

The Yoni massage. In the Sanscrit language the vagina is called yoni. Gently massage the perimeter of the vagina. Go slowly, moving your fingers up and down both sides. Hold the clitoris loosely between your index and middle fingers and move them in a circular motion back and forth. Check in with your partner to make sure she’s breathing deeply and slowly. Keep stimulating her clitoris with left the hand and insert your right index finger into her vagina. Massage the inside of her yoni with varying pressure and finger placement. If the clitoris becomes too sensitive for finger stimulation, place your palm face down on the mound of her vagina and move in a circular motion. Remove your finger from inside her and finish up by touching her body. A light rubbing of her breasts, legs and abdomen signal the end of the massage and help disperse the energy from her “sacred spot.”
The Lingam massage, aka “Wand of Light.” Have your female partner start the lignam massage on you by working around the base of the lingam. Pay special attention to the testicles, pubic bone and the area between the anus and the scrotum. Stroke the shaft of the lingam using an upward motion alternating hands. Work the head as if you are juicing an orange. Keep changing directions and use both hands to massage the head and shaft at the same time. Move one hand down to the “sacred spot,” a small pea-sized area located between the testicles and the anus. Push inward slowly, simultaneously massaging the lingam. Your partner may be close to ejaculation at this point. Orgasm is not the goal of the massage, but a welcome side effect. End the session with rubbing his whole body with a light touch.

How to perform a nice tantric massage? from Asian massage London

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