London Mother cleared of heading up a £500,000 prostitution racket

A mother, who boasted of his two favorite activities were “money and sex”, wept in the dock today after being cleared of the head of a prostitution racket £ 500,000 today.

Mary McKinlay, 40, said he used dozens of escort girls upscale offering everything from “French Kiss” to “porn star experience.”

She allegedly used a website called Allure Agency to hide a ring defect that made more than £ 350,000 between 2008 and 2011.

McKinlay said he used the money to send his two children to private school.

But today, she was stripped of controlling prostitution for gain of more than two and a half years after insisting it was nothing more than an agent of an escort on his website.

McKinlay sobbing heavily pregnant jury at Southwark Crown Court delivered a verdict of not guilty.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged that she had been in full possession of Allure Agency and the wives of his books.

But McKinlay said it had created the agency in 2002 with five other women while working as an escort.

She said that in 2003, she was the only remaining founding member and after the birth of her first child, she had resumed running the administrative side of the business.

“When I realized I was pregnant, I had to stop the escort,” she said.

“I already did all the administrator so we agreed mutually agree that this is what I want to continue doing.

“Everyone who was at the site which paid the commission would return to advertise on the site. It was not a big turnover so all that remained after the advertisement I kept.

“There was no change, we can start when we wanted, when we wanted to finish.

“There was no appointment of fines [MISSING], we may refuse a client that we did not see, we do not need to travel to client end of the world if we do not want.

“We have total control over what we had reservations. The idea was that we women were in control of where we were. ‘

She said that most of the girls were at university, studying subjects such as law, pharmacy and nursing, depressed or full-time day job, blaming what it calls the “Belle Du Jour effect “for their involvement.

When asked why she became an escort after a stint as an assistant wardrobe for Miss Saigon, she said: “I have asked this question several times over the years and how I answer my two favorite things in the world are money and sex, I absolutely love them both, and a job that allows me to put them both together, why not me? ‘

She said she had spoken twice with police investigating matters unrelated and said: “We know that you are running an escort agency, we are not interested in that.”