A total guide to Facesitting

What is Facesitting?

Facesitting is literally how the name sounds. It is where one person sits on another person’s face. Facesitting, or sometimes called queening, brings one person’s face in contact with another person’s anus or genitals, either forced or “consensual.” Once the genitals or anus of the top have been brought into contact with the bottom’s mouth, oral sex if performed. The top can also grind down, wiggle, and move around on the bottom’s face.

Normally, facesitting involves a female on top and a male or a female on the bottom. This is because genital contact is more common than contact with a person’s anus and a male cannot facesit from the top. It just does not work physically. An erection goes upwards, so a male can’t have oral contact with a person below him. Facesitting is typically considered to be part of BDSM because it can easily be used to create a dominance and submissive dynamic and humiliate the bottom if that is desired.

Why Would Someone Partake In Facesitting?

There are two main reasons why people typically partake in facesitting. It is either for the sensual experience or for a BDSM type scene.

The first is because certain men enjoy the sensation of being very intimate with a woman’s sex organ. There is a specific taste associated with vaginal secretions that may be pleasurable. There is a smell associated as well that many people find erotic. Having a person on top of you exerts pressure and that can be pleasurable and heighten the experience even more than ordinary oral sex. There is often a darkness so all your other senses such as taste, smell, and touch intensify making for a highly erotic experience. Some women can “squirt” and will discharge large amounts of fluid upon orgasm. This can be very exciting for a male to have this happen on his face. Oftentimes males do not get physical proof of an orgasm, so having it directly on their face can really solidify their ego. They feel like sex gods and can do anything. It just makes you happy to be able to pleasure your partner.

The second is for a BDSM experience. A part of BDSM is establishing a submissive and a dominant dynamic. Facesitting almost inherently creates this as one person is on the top and the sole purpose of facesitting is their pleasure. The experience also creates an altered physical strength between the two partners. When you are sitting on another person’s chest and face it is a lot easier to control their movement. Even if you are weaker than your partner, they might not be able to get up because you are on them. The bottom gives up control and is unable to do things he normally is able to do. He also gets no genital contact. His pleasure comes second. His ability to be pleasured and have sex is diminished making him second to the dominant. Some people really enjoy a D/S dynamic and facesitting creates an ideal environment to do it.

Facesitting Safety

In order to facesit, you cover a person’s mouth and nose to a certain extent. This does add some risk to it. The nose and the mouth are where people breathe from, so if you restrict them too much, you can cause harm to them. This is further complicated by the fact most people’s tongues only stick out of their mouth a few inches. So you have to be very close in order for someone to perform oral sex on you. However with some practice you can find comfortable positions where you put some pressure on the bottom but not too much that it restricts their capacity to breathe in a meaningful way. This does take practice and communication. It is also good to have a signal that things are getting too intense. An easy one is for the bottom to tap the top’s buttocks or thighs in a “tap out” manner which will signal they need air and for the top to come up and allow them to breathe. Safewords, loud mumbling, or shaking can all be safety features that accomplish the same thing. Whatever works for you.

Additional Possibilities

There are other dimensions you can add to facesitting. The first is to have the bottom in bondage. He is therefore forced to perform oral sex and this can add humiliation, helplessness, and a feeling of submissiveness, all things that people enjoy. Tie his hands to his side with wrist and thigh cuffs. Tie his hands to the side of the bed. Restrain his hands to his side with belts. Put him in a straightjacket. Any form of bondage will work that prevents him from easily moving around. Do be careful though. There is an additional safety risk. If he cannot tap you to tell you he is running out of air, then there is some more risk. So just be careful and communicate lots and have a way he can still signal.

There are pieces of furniture called queening stools or facesitting stools. These are specific forms of furniture that make facesitting easy. The bottom places his head in a box, and then the female just lowers herself onto the top of the box and he performs his duties. Now these can be quite expensive and EF does not sell them. However you can make your very own. If you are handy with wood, you can make one with relative ease. But the other option is to find a chair that has a cushion you can lift up. You lift up the cushion so there is just a hole and no cushion. You then just trim the legs until it is a good height. You can then sit or straddle the chair. The bottom’s head goes under the chair (so it is under the hole). You get the same style of furniture without much effort. If you did not want to trim the chair, you could just put the bottom on a pile of cushions until he was at the right height.

Stimulating the Top

Although the tongue can be used, the male’s nose can also be used for stimulation. The female can grind around on it causing contact with her clitoris or vagina. This can also provide stimulation. What works is going to depend on each person. But a good place to start is just sitting still, then add some movement (the top), then experiment until you find what works for you.

Hopefully you now have an understand that facesitting involves one person sitting down on another person for genital or anal stimulation. People do it for both the sensual and the BDSM aspect, and that it is a safe activity as long as you think about what you are doing. If you have any questions or personal stories feel free to leave them in the comments.

I did use gendered words during this article. That is because facesitting is typically done with a male on the bottom and a female on top. You can however switch this up if you so choose.

Sensual Massage – London Sensual massage companies

Wow, time is flying and 2014 is looking to be very exciting year indeed. What I am interested in discussing in this post is the Sensual Massage industry in London. I am not sure of many of you have searched for “Sensual Massage London” in Google and seen the vast number of websites showcasing ladies who are meant to be experts in their field. Firstly I am not saying that they are all not experts but very few agencies have fully qualified Sensual massage therapists, so to all looking for an Sensual massage be wary of who you visit.

The Love of an Sensual Massage

Like most men and some women, we enjoy the sensual touch you receive during an Sensual Massage and I may be speaking a little out of tone but something needs to change when it comes to deciding what type of massage that you are going to have and what I mean is… every agency is offering the same massage types with the same ladies. There is nothing new and exciting.

It is 2014 and it is the beginning of a new and exciting year and with this Sensual massage agencies should be looking at ways to enhance the experience that their clients will receive from their lovely ladies. I shall give you an example:

London sensual massage company offers a very unique massage that is only offered by a select few of their sensual masseuses. After seeing this I tried to find another agency that offered this massage and I could not find one so what I did next is book a massage and experience this wonderful massage and it was brilliant.

More agencies should be thinking out the box when it comes to creativity of their massages!

Sensual Massage Websites

If you are like us, we speak a great deal online looking at various websites in a lot of different categories. Now when it comes to the Sensual massage world there is a split vote as to the way a website shall look to get the most out of it from your clients. The two votes are as follows:

  1. A simple straight forward massage website, no sliders just content and images. Straight to the point type of website.
  2. A very creative massage website which offers both reading content but also great technical and graphical skills from the web designer showcasing the masseuses.

It will be great to see the merger of skills when visiting an Sensual website. A stunning looking website and great content which is friendly users searching for an Sensual massage in London.

Exciting Times for Sensual Massage

As you can probably tell, we are excited about Sensual massage and the industry. The odds are very high that we will be enjoying a fabulous sensual massage this weekend. I shall keep you posted on the who’s and the where’s and the good’s.

Calm down


enjoy sensual massage!

10 best massage types in the world

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a variety of the most intense massage from Thailand physician Jevakokuma and local Chinese immigrants create some massage from ancient India to western Thailand, according to the massage, then as the royal family ‘s hospitality highest etiquette. Its techniques are also inscribed in Wate Bo Wat Pho veranda wall , where it is called ” Thai massage base .”

Japanese massage

Widely circulated Japanese massage originated in China , the former exchanges with the Chinese businessmen to EGL . Although this argument has not been clearly established , but even the Japanese medical experts also acknowledged that Japanese-style massage and Chinese massage technique strikingly similar . However , those who experience masseur kneeling back massage , etc. with the knee still very Japanese style.

European body Massage

European body massage from ancient Greece and Rome , called ” noble sport ” , then the civilian population are prohibited enjoy such health care approach. After the Industrial Revolution , which began to massage method popular in European countries.

Chinese massage (Tui na)

Chinese massage steeped in history , with health care, medical treatment for the primary purpose is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Legend of the Warring States Period Shen Yi Hua is its inventor , after thousands of years of medical exploration , this massage method has now been more perfect .

Clove Massage

Korean massage massage improvements made ??by a Korean family , is a moderate -priced beauty massage method , in the beauty industry is also known as ” Korean pine bone .” In addition to ” loose bone ,” the great distinguishing feature , push the main content of oil and heat are also Korean massage , in addition to Korean massage also often include shampoo , manicure , herbal bath .

Hong Kong-style massage

Hong Kong-style massage is a doctor in the southern coastal area of Guangdong massage technique based on the absorption of Western oil massage techniques in recent years, creating a new massage method . Including thumb pressing method, stepped back method and push the oil law .

Hot Stone Massage

In 1993, the American Massage guru Mary Nelson introduced such a hot stone with a special oil ( based on individual physical deployment ) of massage, appeared to attract a large number of Hollywood stars .

body-fit massage

Details masseur massage for those who experience first body exfoliation ; then start up with oil from the feet gently massage the legs , abdomen , buttocks, finally relaxing massage of the back . Through the process of communication with massage experience those special parts of poor blood masseur would impose different strength and tactics.


Details before massage massage , masseur and experience of those who first exchange to targeted massage ; Then, masseurs use massage oil, kneading, stroking and other relaxation techniques in different parts of the body . Those who want to experience the calm , rhythmic breathing , easy masseuse will massage consistent with its speed .

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage masseur details push rub along experiencer , and the remaining four fingers or thumb together at each location on the lymphatic system repeatedly pushed rub about 1 minute. Because lymph nodes are very sensitive , and the rhythm of massage aimed at strengthening the lymphatic circulation , rather than relieve muscle fatigue, and therefore less force during the massage.

How to perform a nice tantric massage?

Giving tantra massage is an ancient spiritual practice first developed by the Hindus many centuries ago. The purpose of tantra massage is to awaken and connect with the divine energy of the body, experiencing its sensuality, while becoming one with the universe. Basically, you want to feel and know that you are not a separate entity from the world and beyond. This kind of awareness enhances sexual pleasure by removing the mind from the picture. This is no ordinary massage so be warned, once you give tantra massage you may never go back.

Prepare your space.  Tantra massage is a sacred ritual requiring a pure environment. Remove clutter from the area. Have soft candle light glowing and soothing meditative music playing. If you don’t have a massage table, make sure the bed, couch or floor is comfortable for both you and your partner. You wouldn’t want a back ache or a stiff neck to take away from the ecstasy this massage can produce.

Awaken your energy. Prepare for your  tantra massage by getting into the right state of mind. Meditate before beginning. Your goal is to feel at one with the universal life force. Wear a robe or loose fitting clothing during your preparation.

Connect energetically with your partner. Undress mindfully one at a time. Thank them in your mind or out loud for experiencing this ancient ritual of  tantra massage with you. Once you are both naked, the one receiving the massage may lie down face up.

Massage from head to toe, but ignore the genitals. Work your way up from head to toe while you and your partner breathe deeply. Fully relax the receiver of the  tantra massage before moving on. Pay special attention to the center of the body.

The Yoni massage. In the Sanscrit language the vagina is called yoni. Gently massage the perimeter of the vagina. Go slowly, moving your fingers up and down both sides. Hold the clitoris loosely between your index and middle fingers and move them in a circular motion back and forth. Check in with your partner to make sure she’s breathing deeply and slowly. Keep stimulating her clitoris with left the hand and insert your right index finger into her vagina. Massage the inside of her yoni with varying pressure and finger placement. If the clitoris becomes too sensitive for finger stimulation, place your palm face down on the mound of her vagina and move in a circular motion. Remove your finger from inside her and finish up by touching her body. A light rubbing of her breasts, legs and abdomen signal the end of the massage and help disperse the energy from her “sacred spot.”
The Lingam massage, aka “Wand of Light.” Have your female partner start the lignam massage on you by working around the base of the lingam. Pay special attention to the testicles, pubic bone and the area between the anus and the scrotum. Stroke the shaft of the lingam using an upward motion alternating hands. Work the head as if you are juicing an orange. Keep changing directions and use both hands to massage the head and shaft at the same time. Move one hand down to the “sacred spot,” a small pea-sized area located between the testicles and the anus. Push inward slowly, simultaneously massaging the lingam. Your partner may be close to ejaculation at this point. Orgasm is not the goal of the massage, but a welcome side effect. End the session with rubbing his whole body with a light touch.

How to perform a nice tantric massage? from Asian massage London

How To Give Your Girl great sexy body Massage

First: This is a kind of erotic  massage!erotic massage

The sexy body to body massage (aka b2bmassage or sexy full body massage) is different than a standard massage in that you use your entire body to give the massage instead of just their hands. This is a sexy alternative to a typical ‘hands on’ massage that will help spark up your love life in just one night! your girle you’ll learn the secrets of how to give a sexy body massage.

1.Prepare the surface. A sexy body to body massage requires a lot of massage oil so before you begin, lay down a sheet or towel on the surface that you will be giving the massage on. This will make it easy to clean the area up once the massage is over.

2. Set the scene. Before you begin this erotic massage, you’ll want to set a romantic scene by dimming the lights and placing candles around the area. This will help your girl to relax during the sexy body massage. It will also put your girl in the mood for a romantic evening.

3. Undress both you and your girlfriend. Both you and your girl will need to undress for a sexy body massage. During this type of massage,your body is rubbed all over your girl, so you won’t want to have any undergarments in the way. Get completely undressed and your girl lay flat on your girl stomach to prepare for the sexy body massage.

4. Begin tyour body2body massage. Now you’re ready to begin the sexy body massage. To start, apply warm (not hot) massage oil liberally all over your girl back, shoulders and buttocks. Be sure to rub your hands togetyour girl before touching any area of the body. Begin by rubbing the back and shoulders with your hands only, massaging with a comfortable amount of pressure.

5. Take it up a notch. Once you have relaxed your girl (approximately 10 to 15 minutes) straddle your body across your girl buttocks, and rub against your girl lower body with your pelvic region as you continue to massage the shoulders, neck and arms. Use slow movements as you rub, and lower you face and kiss your partner as you gyrate and massage your girl body. Things will heat up quickly and you may be tempted to penetrate your girl, but don’t! The point of a sexy body massage is to tempt your partner with your body and make all your girl senses heightened. This will intensify the sex when it does finally occur.

6. Flip your girl over. To finish the b2b massage, flip your girl over and repeat the process on the front of your girl body. Since you will be eye to eye for this portion of the massage, most couples become overwhelmed with their passion for one anotyour girl and don’t make it far in the massage before they break down and have sex. Try to hold out as long as possible, as the longer you wait, the more animalistic you’ll become for one anotyour girl.

ps. you need to perpare : Massage oil and candel for the sexy body massage .

Sensual massage secrets: How to do nude massage

As many clients have ask us about LSM’s nude sensual massage secrets, today I will lead you to explore a little.

One of the hottest massages available in London is the nude Asian Massage, and the girls in the massage parlours there are the experts on how to give a nude Asian Massage. These nude Asian Massages are very sensuous and last from one and a half hours to two hours. If you would like to try this out on your partner for an experience you won’t forget, here are some tips by LSM’s professional massage team on how a nude massage is done.

Nude massage

Get completely naked and get in a bath tub to get completely relaxed. The first step in giving a nude Asian Massage is to get into a tub and place your legs under your partner so he floats to the top and you can massage and caress his most intimate areas. Go slowly and don’t miss any important areas.

Wash every nook and cranny thoroughly during this intimate tub massage. Cleanliness is the most important part of the nude Asian Massage. It is also during this time that intimate caressing, some oral sex or breast massages, if so desired, may occur. This process usually lasts approximately thirty minutes.

After the tub massage, it is time to move to an air mattress on the floor. The mattress is filled with soapy suds. Cover yourself with the soapy suds and massage your partner’s body with your body, sliding up and down and slithering all over him. Here is where you can get real creative and make up some moves of your own. With practice you can become an expert in thinking up unusual moves and giving a sensuous nude Asian Massage.

After the air mattress, both you and your partner rinse the soap off, dry off and move to a bed. The massaging and caressing continues, and at this point more oral sex or even physical sex may occur, depending on what you and your partner want. When your partner thinks he is fully satisfied and the massage is over, it is not!

The non-sexual part of the nude Asian Massage now begins. Give your partner a slow, relaxing, non-sexual massage. Use a massage oil and work on every muscle, stretching them as you go. This intimate, sensual experience is one you and your partner may want to repeat time and again. Enjoy!

Article form LSM & You can find their service page here

A tantra massage & Lingam massage

The Tantra is an act of spiritual mediation of the mind and body. The modern meaning of Tantra is the spiritual sex of the body and mind to bring the practitioner to a higher spiritual plane. A tantric massage is therefore the ritual of receiving this spiritual sexual energy to enlighten your sexual desires. Erotic and tantric massage is a type of sex therapy. The benefits will help to stimulate the libido and increase sexual energy. This is proven to help increase the performance in the bedroom.

Tantric massages in London are more than just a sensual massage, the atmosphere when receiving a tantric massage increases the healing energy and ecstasy. The massage is not only a method of nurturing and relaxing the body; it helps to relieve any stress, sexual or not, while increasing your sexual energy. Enjoying a tantric massage is about become one with your sexuality which allows you to fully enjoy the experience of being touched and aroused sexually, it is not just about relieving sexual desires.

Lingam Massage is part of the art of Tantra. Lingam means “wand of light” and the massage is the sexual stimulation and relaxation of the male pelvic region. This massage will help you to have more control of your sexual energy and drive.

Tantric Nuru massage in London has become widely spread recently. The word nuru is translated as slippery or Smooth from Japanese. It presupposes that the masseuse applies a special tasteless and odourless gel all over your body and all over her body to make the contact between you two really slippery, and then she starts gliding over you to make you a body-to-body massage.

The main benefits of receiving a Tantric massage are:

–          Gain better control of your sexual energy and sex drive

–          Solve sex related issues such as premature ejaculation

–          Increased control of your internal energy and sexual desires

–          Helps to get rid of stress and depression

–          Better blood circulation for a firmer erection

A tantric massage is the ritual of receiving spiritual sexual energy to enlighten your sexual desires and relax. Tantric massages are more than just a sensual massage, the atmosphere when receiving a tantric massage increases the healing energy and ecstasy.


A Sexy Erotic Tantric Massage

Find out how to give a erotic massage means that you must become more of a giver than a taker. Erotic tantra by its very nature is more about connecting mentally with your partner, rather than the physical sex act. A erotic massage is no different – it’s really about connecting body, mind, and soul rather than just slopping some hot oil on your partner and kneading away.

To give a erotic massage, you will need:

  1. Massage oil
  2. A bath towel to protect your massage surface
  3. Soft music
  4. A partner you love
  5. Place the bottle of massage oil in a bowl of hot water. Warming the massage oil will give her a delicious release as you apply it to her naked skin.

The best erotic massage is done very slowly and there’s lots of teasing. Start by having your lover lie on her stomach on the bath towel and apply massage oil to your palm. Rub your palms vigorously together to further heat the oil and then apply to her shoulders. Kneed her shoulders lightly and increase the tension as you lean over her. Pressing your penis into the small of her back will get her further into the tantra massage.
Massage her back and pay particular attention to the area right under her butt and her butt crack. Run your fingers up and down her butt crack but go not further unless she lets you know it’s ok to insert a finger or two into her anus.
After you massage her back, have her turn over so you can continue the erotic massage on her front side. Spend a few moments looking deeply into her eyes and giving her a long french kiss before you oil her breasts. Pay attention to the sensitive area under her breasts and running a tongue over her nipples will further excite her. Work your hands down her body and massage the top of her thighs and her vaginal area. Insert a finger or two slowly into her vagi.na. If you touch yourself as you do this, you just might find that the erotic massage is about to lead to a very hot sex enjoyment.
Tips about eroticmassage:
Start your erotic massage by letting your partner know that there is nothing needed in return. Taking the pressure off of her to give back will make her willingly want to please you right back so the following sex will be mind blowing, or, well, tantra….

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is part of the digital rectal examination (DRE) routinely given to men by urologists in order to look for nodules of prostate cancer and to obtain expressed prostatic secretions (EPS) for examination under microscope.

In the late 1990s, some doctors tried prostate massage in conjunction with antibiotics for the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis with uncertain results.

In recent trials, however, prostate massage was not shown to improve outcomes compared to antibiotics alone. As a consequence of these findings, prostate massage is not used in the treatment of any medical disorder today, and prostate massage should never be performed on patients with acute prostatitis, because the infection can spread elsewhere in the body if massage is performed.

In addition, prostate massage can be risky. Some of the documented consequences are life-threatening periprostatic hemorrhage, cellulitis, Fournier’s gangrene, septicaemia, possible disturbance and metastasis of prostate cancer to other parts of the body, and hemorrhoidal flare-up. Electroejaculation is a procedure in which nerves are stimulated via an electric probe, which is inserted into the rectum adjacent to the prostate. It is most commonly encountered in animal husbandry for the purpose of collecting semen samples for testing or breeding.

You can Find erotic tantric prostate massage [here]

Prostate milking is Better Than a Bj!!!!

i always like a little light touching on that area then i found out that its the male g spot you have multiple organisms i got a toy had my wife massage me it was WOW !!!WEE!!mind numbing body twitching non stop *******

Asian Massage type in London

Asian Massage has existed as a medical treatment for centuries. While no one knows for sure how long again the extension of massage into the erogenous zones of the human body began, it’s probably safe to say that it has been around for just as long as massage itself has. In many locations and massage styles, the process is not considered complete unless the person receiving the massage has a full release. In other situations, the massage serves as nothing more than a perfunctory or even non-existent process used to cover up for the exchange of money for erotic experience

The are many types of massage in London. First is the ownership of the massage parlor. Is it a Korean Massage Parlor, Chinese Massage Parlor, Thai Massage Parlor, India Massage Parlor or British-owned and operated massage parlour. Maybe something else all together. Even when the ownership is narrowed down there are various styles of massage. A Chinese massage parlor may specialize in Tui na or something else. Or it may not have any specialization at all outside of making the customer leave satisfied. An British-owned shop could specialize in Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Thai massage or something else all together. It may also be a location that specializes purely in erotic services. It may also be a provider of Tantra massage.

Soapy Massage?

What Is Soapy Massage?


TheSoapy massage is originated from in Thailand, it is not like most other type of erotic massage, but this is a special service that is almost completely new experience in UK. The soapy massage includes the masseuse bathing with the client. Then the client will lay on an air mattress and the masseuse will lather the client with soap. This kind of massage often takes about an hour and men are more likely than women to book this type of massage. There are many different types of regular massage, but a soapy massage does not really fall into any of these categories. Using the word ‘soapy massage’ is very misleading about what kind of service this provides.


How to Perform Soapy Massage?


There are a few soapy massage parlors in London. The deal is that you get an “assisted” bath – meaning you and your masseuse both get in the bath together. After you are clean, you then get dried and retire to the bed to relax and do whatever comes naturally. All of that is ‘normal’ activity in the massage spa or massage parlors in London. you can take your own Soap, towels and other necessary equipment, but if you forget, they can also provide you these things(normally free). Additionally, the traditional massage also provides alternative medicinal therapy. The soapy massage is never used by physicians for any type of alternative medicine. The soapy massage will not be used for sports stars and professional dancers to keep their bodies in perfect condition and this kind of massage would rarely be used by medical professionals for alternative medical treatment.


How About the Soapy Massage Therapists London?


Those who perform soapy massage usually get all of their training through on the job experience. Those massage therapists who provide this type of massage do not usually have the same types of regulations and certification. The traditional massage can be somewhat like a massage found in London in that some are intended solely for a pleasurable feeling or relaxation. Now, There are many massage therapists at luxury spas and resorts that provide soothing, relaxing Soapy massage in London.


The bennifit of Soapy Massage:


1. Soapy Massage can improve circulation to the skin, increased nutrition to the cells and encouraging cell regeneration.

2. Soapy Massage can reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body.

3. Soapy Massage can improve elasticity of the skin.

4. This kind of erotic soapy massage can promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation.

5. Soapy Massage can increase production of sweat from the sweat glands, helping to excrete urea and waste products through the skin.

6. Soapy Massage can create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem.

7. Soapy Massage also can improve the skin’s colour.

Tantric massage is lovemaking of the Souls

When we talking about tantra massage, what we are talking about? A tantric massage is a lovemaking of the soul. We are, of course, not talking about a superficial back rub, but the full experience where the entire body is included in the massage and covered with loving touches full of awareness.

Including the entire body in the experience will not only create a very healing experience for both body and soul, but also awaken and open the heart chakra completely in a very conscious way. 
Tantric massage can be called “Lovemaking at the level of the Soul”. Touch is said to be food for our Souls, and the tactile experience is essential for the development of a happy and fulfilled human being.

tantric massage

The tantric massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens sensitivity and energy, increases the capacity to experience pleasure and creates a deep intimacy and closeness between the lovers – will reflect in all aspects of their relationship. Women are generally more in “touch” with their overall sensuality than men and they love to be shown through touch that they are appreciated in ways other than just their sensuality. Men tend to be more sexually focused in a physical relationship, but once they discover the delights of full body sensuality, they are converted. Tantric massage is something worth studying but most of all practicing.

Next time we will share with you some techniques and advices to both men and women who would like to learn tantric massage and discover the beauty and the power of tantric touch.

Tantric Massage Services in London

Tantric Massage London Therapy

Tantra can help prolong erotic pleasure and is a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy where time disappears and all your problems are forgotten. Serious Tantric practice requires time and dedication, but anyone can get a taste of Tantric bliss by means of Tantric massage. Please make sure that nothing will disturb you and your masseuse. Your London Tantric Goddess will begin the massage by having you lay comfortably on your belly with your legs slightly apart. Then she will slowly and gently massage your toes, feet, thighs, spine, shoulders and arms with balmy fragrant oil. Tantric massage is a full body massage, so every part of your body will be given attention and care, with the special emphasis on your most sensitive areas. After finishing with your back, your masseuse will turn you around and will pay even more attention to your body. Skilfully combining tantric techniques with special visualizations and breathing, she will intensify your sensitivity and build the pleasure up to the maximum. Your beautiful and experienced erotic masseuse will know how to prolong this exciting sensual journey, all you have to do is to stay relaxed and focused on the experience. Your journey will culminate in Lingam/Yoni massage.

Tantric massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

One of the many benefits of Sensual massage is help men with premature ejaculation issues.

Massage Oils can be scented or fragrance free.

Additionally, your Tantric Goddess can touch and stroke you with satin fabrics and silk scarves to accentuate the pleasure.

We are always happy to tailor-made your Tantric experience, so please ask us if you have any special requirements.

Worship your Goddess

To make the most of the erotic massage experience we encourage men to be passive during their massage session and stay relaxed and focused on their feelings and sensations. However, we know that some men can’t refrain from touching their masseuse so we decided to introduce this extra service to make your experience even better. You can caress and worship her body but remember that every Goddess has her own boundaries so please treat your Tantric Goddess with respect.

We ask you to refrain from groping, biting, pinching or fingering your masseuse.

Naked Massage

Feeling lonely in a big city, overwhelmed with your business commitments, want to share your worries and concerns? Or just want an informal chat over the glass of champagne with a gorgeous lady? No problem, you can have Naked Therapy! It includes 30 minutes of socializing with the Tantric Goddess of your choice followed by one hour of erotic massage.

Lingam Massage – Full Body Happy Ending Massage

Sanskrit word Lingam is also known as ‘wand of light’ or ‘magic wand’ and it simple English means penis.

We use various tantric techniques and movements to stimulate the genital areas including your inner thighs and buttocks. Light strokes will be followed by more intense motions sending waves of pleasure through your body. This usually is accompanied by breathing techniques and visualizations to build the pleasure up.

Upon request, your Goddess can include sacred spot massage (also known as prostate massage) into your lingam massage session.

One of the benefits of lingam massage is an improved control of your sexual energy. We recommend lingam massage to men who suffer from ejaculation problems.

Sensual massage session together with Lingam massage is often metaphorically called happy ending massage, for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric techniques.

Additional Lingam Massage

Each tantric massage session includes lingam massage at the end. If you feel like this is not enough and would like to be relieved twice, you can order additional lingam massage.

Sacred Spot massage (prostate massage therapy)

The Sacred spot of a man is his prostate gland. It is based midway between the testicles and anus. Prostate can be massaged externally or internally, depending on how adventurous you are.

Sacred spot massage can help you boost the intensity of your orgasms and learn how to control ejaculation.

Prostate massage can also release emotional and physical stress. Prostate massage therapy is professionally performed by trained and skilful masseuses.

Yoni Massage

In Sanskrit vagina is called yoni and it is considered to be the sacred temple of a woman. Tantric massage for women traditionally includes yoni massage. We do not include Yoni Massage into standard sensual massage session but give you an option to choose it if you feel comfortable.

Please let us know if you’d like to include Yoni massage in your London massage experience.

The purpose of the Yoni massage is to pleasure and massage the Yoni and orgasm is a pleasant side effect. The orgasm is usually more intense and satisfying.

Couples Massage Tantric Therapy

If you are a couple, we can offer you something new and exciting – the Tantric massage for couples. During this experience, both of you will be massaged at the same time.

Your Couples massage London session can be tailor-made depending on your requirements.

Take your love life on a different level!

London Body to Body Massage (b2b massage)

Body to body massage (b2b massage) means that your Tantric Goddess will be using her gorgeous naked body to massage yours. She will be sliding and gliding her body along yours to deliver erotic sensations as well as stronger massage touch. Body to body massage is an unusual, Tantra-specific technique which gained enormous popularity due to its combined (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.
While certain agencies charge additional fees for their body to body massage sessions, here at Shakti b2b massage is already included in the price of each and every sexy massage session and does not incur any extra payments. Body to body massage is an integral, inseparable part of Tantra and we feel it would be wrong to offer it at extra cost.

What Is Hawaiian Massage?

When you search for a good massage online , you may see a lots of different services in massage parlour websites, one of them is called”hawaiian massage”, so What Is Hawaiian Massage? A Hawaiian massage, also called lomi lomi massage, is a wonderful way to treat muscles to some island-style relaxation. Based on ancient Polynesian techniques that date back centuries, Hawaiian massage consists of flowing massage strokes used to release tension and create a feeling of rejuvenation in the body. Many people enjoy Hawaiian massage while on vacation in the islands, but mainland spas have also widely adopted this relaxing style as well.

Unlike many other forms of massage, a Hawaiian massage truly begins before the masseuse makes a single stroke. Resting hands on the client, a masseuse will say a traditional prayer or blessing, sometimes in the Hawaiian language. Many practitioners encourage clients to join them in deep breathing, which helps match the masseuse’s movements to the natural rhythm of the client’s body.

Just as yoga is meant as both a physical and mental form of meditation, Hawaiian massage is meant to soothe not only the muscles but the spirit as well. It is sometimes used as part of a holistic treatment for depression and anger management, and may also be recommended to treat medical problems such as digestive troubles. Originally, those skilled in lomi lomi massage were often great healers and martial arts trainers, though the style was practiced in more informal ways, such as between family members.

Today, a Hawaiian massage may use a variety of techniques both traditional and from other types of massage such as Swedish or deep tissue styles. Some practitioners incorporate hot stones to help bring focused heat to tight muscle areas. Hawaiian massages are often performed by two massage therapists at once, to proved an increased sense of all-over relaxation.

In Hawaii, lomi lomi is practiced in some of the most beautiful and luxurious spas in the world. Treatment cabanas may be on a beach, in view of the rolling waves, or in volcanic grottoes filled with waterfalls. Massage therapists may enhance the treatment with island-inspired massage oils made with coconut, exfoliating pineapple, or luscious macadamia nut oils. Some incorporate sound therapy in the form of relaxing music, or add aromatherapy to treat the nose as well. Some Hawaiian massages are available for couples to experience together, with either two or four therapists performing the massage.

The price of a Hawaiian massage will vary depending on the area, add-on features, and length of the treatment. Spas at resorts generally charge more than day spas, but may have more luxurious features or discounts if the client is a guest at the resort. Some Hawaiian massage therapists even provide a mobile service, so that the whole experience can be done from the comfort of the client’s home.

Become a outcall masseuse and start your outcall massage

If you want to start your outcall massage service in London , you need to be a outcall masseuse, and here I explain to you how to become a outcall masseuse in London. In order to become a outcall masseuse, you must first become a properly trained tantra masseuse and then provide your tantric massage at locations specified by clients. This may involve purchasing special equipment that can be moved easily. Many people find that joining a group of mobile masseuses is beneficial to business overall, but it is possible to offer mobile tantric massage as an independent tantra masseuse. One of the most important things to consider when trying to become a outcall tantra masseuse is how you will reach your customers, as this particular type of client will likely be searching through advertisements and online.

The first and most important thing that you must do in order to become a outcall tantra masseuse is to become a talented provider of massages. This often means attending training and, in areas where licenses are required, obtaining relevant licenses. Most masseuses must know how to provide multiple types of massage, but some specialize in only one variety. It is often a good idea to get some practice before attempting to sell your tantric massage, as many masseuses succeed primarily through word-of-mouth advertising.

Next, you must decide how you would like to provide your tantric massage. If you would like to work with many other masseuses, you can become a outcall tantra masseuse by seeking employment with a company that provides this service. On the other hand, if you prefer to work alone at hours that you choose, you can set up your own business and attempt to find clients on your own. Either way, it is a good idea to at least consider providing massages in a traditional spa setting to supplement your business.

Part of becoming a outcall tantra masseuse in London involves obtaining equipment and gaining experience setting up spaces. The equipment needed is fairly basic and includes massage chairs, portable cases for lotions and oils, and other equipment that sets up the feel of the room. You may also need a particular uniform if you work for a company. One of the problems with working in a corporate space or home is that you will need to quickly set up a mood that is appropriate for massages that can easily be taken down again. This may take practice, but is key to a good massage.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to become a outcall tantra masseuse is that you need clients in order to be successful. This type of service is not as well known as some other methods of providing massage, so you must often market yourself directly to potential clients. Approaching corporations, for example, can be a good way to reel in initial clients. Online advertisements can be effective as well. In order to become a successful outcall tantra masseuse, you must often make marketing yourself a major component of your business.