What to Expect From Your First Tantric Massage

Many people fear tantric massages because they aren’t exactly sure what to expect from these exotic little adventures. A bespoke London sensual massage is always a relaxing experience, but it can take someone who is new to the idea a bit longer to start unwinding and enjoy the pleasures that the masseuses will bestow upon you.

Enjoy massages from beautiful girls

Tantric masseuses are trained to be seductive in their techniques and chosen for their exceptional skill, talent and brilliant personalities. The first thing a masseuse will do during a tantric massage is treating you with a sweet and confident way so you will not feel intimidated.

Where the focus lies

During a tantric massage the main focus is to release spiritual tension by stimulating certain pressure points in your body. There are different pressure points for women’s and men’s bodies and a masseuse needs to be experienced and trained to know the locations of these pressure points and how to effectively massage them so you will feel pleasured and to stimulate your body’s natural erotic responses. Sensual massages are for anyone and can be conducted at any time to help reduce your stress levels and put your life back into perspective.

what to expect in nude tantra massage London

Boundaries of Adult massage in London

Every different company has different boundaries for their tantric massages. The masseuses will explain these boundaries to you clearly and will also take your personal boundaries in regard when they start their seductive full body massage. You have full control of the situation and can choose to be covered up during the massage or not and you can set touch boundaries for the masseuse.


Outcall Massage: Our Sensual masseuses are willing to meet you at any professional location and do the massage for you. The masseuses are trained to keep the sessions confidential and private so you won’t have to worry about any ill reputations that might follow after enjoying a sensual massage.

If you are looking for massage parlours – Check out following massage parlours in the city:

  • Paddington Massage Parlour
  • Bayswater Massage Parlour
  • Queensway Massage Parlour
  • Victoria Massage Parlour

Enjoy Asian massage in London for Intimate Connection

If you are feeling stressed, lonely or in the need of intimate connection with a beautiful female…our Asian massage is the right therapy for you. A Butterfly sensual London Asian massage combines the traditional massage with sensual energy. An Asian massage experience totally differs from that of a normal massage mainly because unlike a normal massage where a person lies down on a table and receives a massage, in a Asian massage, the masseuse uses interactive elements as well such as, verbal communication, eye contact, energy movement and breathing techniques while touching a person’s entire body in order to stimulate their senses. This type of massage creates a conscious connection between both the giver and the receiver, which enhances both intimacy and pleasure.

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A happy ending story

When we you hear about happy ending there is no need for you to be shyless or bold in order to imagine what is this about.The happy ending massage is a kind of Asian Massage that finishes with hand job or blow job.

Although everybody says it’s illegal,this type of massage is very popular all around the world and it’s usually associated with asian massagers due to it’s passion to execute it.There are many people who attend this service without being scared of a cop’s arrival that rarely happens.

You should know that the places where you can get this type of erotic massage in London are ensured and you don’t have to worry about dealing with the police.Of course,if that might happen you won’t be charged with anything, the massage studio will take the blame for everything! All you have to do is to dare having this kind of massage and not only imagine it when looking on the Internet.

This kind of massage can help you fulfill all your fantasies and associate it with a relaxing and refreshing massage session.What can be better than being relaxed and then getting sexually satisfied?

This kind of sexy massage is for both female and men but most of the clients that attend it are men. That generally happens because women aren’t bold enough and most of them are shy and prefer getting satisfied only with looking at porn movies or buying different sexual toys if they don’t have a partner.

There is no need to be worried about anything ,you only have to choose between the female massage therapists that are very good-looking and wear few clothes in order to excite your senses only by looking at them. Generally,the asian massagers are delicate,their touches are exciting enough to make both men and women willing to have sexual contact.

Recent studies show that men are having sexual fantasies more often than women and one of the most common is getting oral sex from a foreign sexy girl,someone they don’t know.It seems like this idea excites them the most just like being covered with a mask at the beginning of the massage session also helps them keep the mystery.

I said at the beginning because men get generally more excited when they see what is being done to them.The sounds also help them feel like in seventh heaven,that’s why the massagers associate gentle touches with body oils during the massage and then they let men see and hear what they get.It’s like a prize for being good during the session that makes them completely satisfied and willing to get more.

Of course,there are clients who also hesitate even when arriving at the massage studio.That happens because they need to be sure that nothing unpleasant might disturb their private moment and expose them in an unwanted situation.There are public persons that attend these services and it is very important for the massage places to offer them the best services and the security that they need for preventing their reputation’s damage.

It is also very important for the therapist to be talented and offer clients a sensual moment and sexual satisfaction at the end of the massage.Their hands have to find all the right places and make them discover sensations that they didn’t know before for exciting them.

You might fall in love with the sensation of getting a tantric massage and it’s not dirty or full of ugly women like other people say.You’ll only get the best asian massage ever and you’ll feel it was worth!

You can choose to get the massage from many therapists at the same time if that makes you fulfilled and the experience might be overwhelming!

Why you need a nuru massage

Are you keen on finding a way of letting everything go? Then you should consider booking a nuru massage in London. Just make sure you book with an agency that is assured to unwind your worries.

For centuries, massage has been recognised as the most nurturing and therapeutic way of relaxing exhausted body parts. It was the great ancient civilisations of Egypt, China, Greece and Rome who first understood how a controlled massage can do wonders for soft body tissues – enhancing health and providing relief from anxiety at the same time.

London nuru massage

Wondering how nuru massage came into existence? Well, other than the above mentioned four nations, Japan too over past years has recognised the benefits of massage, allowing it to become a highly regarded field in their culture. As a result, they came up with an effective mind and body massage – known as nuru massage – which is an even more sensual and stimulating twist on the original. ‘Nuru’, which in Japanese means something slippery, refers to the lubricant gel used to cover the body when administering the ritual.

However, in a nuru sensual massage, both client and masseuse are naked. Why is this so much better than the traditional Japanese practise? The fact is that it lets you feel unconstrained as the gel is practically applied on your skin. The reason why this kind of massage is entirely different to any other massage is because this is a body to body contact massage. Get ready for passionate slides and glides from the masseuse’s body contact.

Why you need this massage

So now that you know what’s involved, why do you need one? Well, in several ways a nuru massage in London will aid healing, health and recovery. In case of any injury, massage is proven to accelerate the body’s metabolic processes, thereby reducing the injury recovery period.

It can also alleviate pain in a similar way, by exciting production of endorphins which act as natural painkillers – thus lessening uneasiness.

Third, it diminishes tension. It can be difficult to alleviate stress as there is no exact cure. Well, there’s nothing like a good massage will do to your mental health in terms of relieving your worries and stresses.

Finally, did you know that nuru massage London boosts energy? Yes, it’s a scientific fact, and will help you during your health and fitness regimen.

The professional use of this amazing Japanese gel promises all this, and so much more. It can aids in refreshing your skin through its nourishment and moisturizing effects, boosts one’s immune system, and – get this – research indicates that when you are relaxed, you become less susceptible to illness!

Who wouldn’t want a nuru massage London if it is indeed as sensual and beneficial a type of therapy that has been effectual to so many people?

If you’re interested, as I said before just make sure you book with the best. Embrace Massage in London have a great article on the subject, already linked to earlier in this post.

I hope you enjoy your massage experience – you’re in for a treat!

Want a go? You can Find a Nuru massage in London in Nuru guru.

Prostate milking

Most of you must have heard of prostate massage and milking the prostate as well. You must have come across someone who must have got it done, but knowing the in depth detail about the same is also not possible for everyone. The prostate glad is on of the most sensitive organ of the body and men must treat is like any other internal organ, by keeping its health in mind as one of the top priorities. There are several doctors who do the prostate milking to help the patients get over their problem.

prostate massage

In case you are planning to milk your prostate on your own or letting someone random do it for you, you must know that it could be one of the worst decisions of your life. Prostate massage should always be given by an expert because it could lead to damage to the prostate which cannot be undone. In case you do not get a prostate massage as a precautionary measure, it can often lead to problems like proatatitis or even prostate cancer. The top and center part of the glad is the most sensitive part of the prostate glad and in case it is pressed or pushed, it can be really harmful.

There are a lot of experts who provide you Prostate milking London to make sure your gland does not expand. Since they do it on a regular basis, they help you milk your prostate with perfection. They know the right nerves and the right parts which ensure that there is no harm created in your prostate. However, you must ensure that in case you are planning to get a prostate massage, then it is always advised to consult your doctor first and then decide whether you need prostate massage London or not.

This is very important to know the harms of the prostate massage, as there are several parts of your body which can be damaged badly. So, this is very important to make sure that you know it all about the pros and cons of the prostate massage and then go to the best masseuse in the vicinity and then get your treatment done. Make sure you complete your research about the masseuse before you trust them with your prostate. In case things go right, then prostate massage can be the best thing to get in order to get over the problems of your prostate problem.

Steps to run a mobile Massage Business?

London massage therapists work in many fields, including sports medicine, entertainment and the corporate world. Running an out call massage business means that you go to the client, rather than having the client come to you. Setting your own hours and handpicking clients are perks of owning an out-call massage business. Organizational skills and marketing efforts are paramount to success. Once you build your clientele, word-of-mouth will also help you grow your business. Hiring additional massage therapists to work for you expands your business’s availability.

Let’s Andy From London Massage book give us a comprehensive introduction of “how to run an outcall massage buisness”

outcall massage

Step 1

Obtain licensing. Most states require massage therapists to be licensed or certified. You must attend and complete massage therapy courses and practicums. Once graduated, you must pass a state-administered test to become licensed. Keep up your continuing education hours to maintain your license in good standing.


Step 2

Gain massage experience. Go to work for a massage parlour, sports center or corporation to put the skills you learned in school to practical use. While employed, study the company methods for scheduling, handling problems and marketing services. Use what you learn in your business. Consider working for more than one company to gain a broad knowledge of operations.

Step 3

Apply for your London massage service license. This is done in the city where you wish to base your business, regardless of where your clients are located. Apply through your local city hall business license office. For a one-person operation you can use your name as the business name or choose a company name. If you plan to hire employees, choose a business name that does not imply you are the only massage therapist on staff.


Step 4


Price your services. Setting prices that are competitive in the area will help you gain new customers. Prices for 30-minute and one-hour massages give customers a choice. In addition, different massage styles, such as Swedish, hot rock, deep tissue and full body massages, will have varying prices.

Step 5

Give away services to promote your business. Offer to provide free massages at community events to build your name in the community. Have plenty of printed brochures and business cards available to distribute. Clearly state on brochures and literature the types of massages you provide, the prices and your professional ethical standard. This helps avoid calls from clients who believe a massage therapist will also provide sexual services.

Step 6

Solicit testimonials from customers. Ask them to write short statements praising your your out-call massage services. Print the testimonials on brochures and leaflets.

Step 7

Hire skilled masseuses. Require that each employee supply her own massage table and oils. This cuts down on your overhead and ensures the therapists you hire have invested in their work. Pay each therapist by the massage with a 75/25 split in the therapist’s favor.

Step 8

Develop relationships with local doctors and coaches so they will recommend you for their patients and athletes.

Erotic Massage Review: Angel from Eros Erotic Massage

Review of Angel from Eros Erotic Massage

It is always a pleasure when you come across a masseuse that stands out from the crowd and Angel from Eros Erotic Massage does just that.

Eros Erotic Massage

As far as I know, Eros Erotic Massage is a long-standing erotic massage agency and from my research I believe they have been around for over 5 years and are always on top of their game.
Deciding on Angel as my Masseuse.

While looking through the Eros website at the wide selection of beautiful ladies that work for the agency I was torn between a few other masseuses. I opted for Angel the beautiful oriantal lady. Her photos showed she has a great body and when I finally met her, she was everything I expected.

The Massage service

Angel arrived at my hotel at parklane, wrapped up in her coat and with a big smile on her face. Instantly I knew that this massage was going to be very enjoyable. She was quiet at the beginning but she was not shy. We relaxed for around 10 minutes, talking and had a glass of vino.

She took charge and went to set up the room. The nerves kicked in cause there was an attraction. I was ushered into the room where there were candles lit and the lights were dimmed. The mood was definitely set with Angel was wearing a black see through gown.

I lay down and she began oiling me up, she was slow and tender and very erotic. The details of our massage will stay with me but she was very friendly and forthcoming.


I have tried a few massage agencies and this relative new comer is surprisingly good, their therapist is quite skillful, one of the better massage in London. Try it. I will get tantric massage in London next time.


Agency: Eros Erotic massage

GIrl: Angel

Review From Andy Wills

10 best massage types in the world

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a variety of the most intense massage from Thailand physician Jevakokuma and local Chinese immigrants create some massage from ancient India to western Thailand, according to the massage, then as the royal family ‘s hospitality highest etiquette. Its techniques are also inscribed in Wate Bo Wat Pho veranda wall , where it is called ” Thai massage base .”

Japanese massage

Widely circulated Japanese massage originated in China , the former exchanges with the Chinese businessmen to EGL . Although this argument has not been clearly established , but even the Japanese medical experts also acknowledged that Japanese-style massage and Chinese massage technique strikingly similar . However , those who experience masseur kneeling back massage , etc. with the knee still very Japanese style.

European body Massage

European body massage from ancient Greece and Rome , called ” noble sport ” , then the civilian population are prohibited enjoy such health care approach. After the Industrial Revolution , which began to massage method popular in European countries.

Chinese massage (Tui na)

Chinese massage steeped in history , with health care, medical treatment for the primary purpose is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Legend of the Warring States Period Shen Yi Hua is its inventor , after thousands of years of medical exploration , this massage method has now been more perfect .

Clove Massage

Korean massage massage improvements made ??by a Korean family , is a moderate -priced beauty massage method , in the beauty industry is also known as ” Korean pine bone .” In addition to ” loose bone ,” the great distinguishing feature , push the main content of oil and heat are also Korean massage , in addition to Korean massage also often include shampoo , manicure , herbal bath .

Hong Kong-style massage

Hong Kong-style massage is a doctor in the southern coastal area of Guangdong massage technique based on the absorption of Western oil massage techniques in recent years, creating a new massage method . Including thumb pressing method, stepped back method and push the oil law .

Hot Stone Massage

In 1993, the American Massage guru Mary Nelson introduced such a hot stone with a special oil ( based on individual physical deployment ) of massage, appeared to attract a large number of Hollywood stars .

body-fit massage

Details masseur massage for those who experience first body exfoliation ; then start up with oil from the feet gently massage the legs , abdomen , buttocks, finally relaxing massage of the back . Through the process of communication with massage experience those special parts of poor blood masseur would impose different strength and tactics.


Details before massage massage , masseur and experience of those who first exchange to targeted massage ; Then, masseurs use massage oil, kneading, stroking and other relaxation techniques in different parts of the body . Those who want to experience the calm , rhythmic breathing , easy masseuse will massage consistent with its speed .

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage masseur details push rub along experiencer , and the remaining four fingers or thumb together at each location on the lymphatic system repeatedly pushed rub about 1 minute. Because lymph nodes are very sensitive , and the rhythm of massage aimed at strengthening the lymphatic circulation , rather than relieve muscle fatigue, and therefore less force during the massage.

How to perform a nice tantric massage?

Giving tantra massage is an ancient spiritual practice first developed by the Hindus many centuries ago. The purpose of tantra massage is to awaken and connect with the divine energy of the body, experiencing its sensuality, while becoming one with the universe. Basically, you want to feel and know that you are not a separate entity from the world and beyond. This kind of awareness enhances sexual pleasure by removing the mind from the picture. This is no ordinary massage so be warned, once you give tantra massage you may never go back.

Prepare your space.  Tantra massage is a sacred ritual requiring a pure environment. Remove clutter from the area. Have soft candle light glowing and soothing meditative music playing. If you don’t have a massage table, make sure the bed, couch or floor is comfortable for both you and your partner. You wouldn’t want a back ache or a stiff neck to take away from the ecstasy this massage can produce.

Awaken your energy. Prepare for your  tantra massage by getting into the right state of mind. Meditate before beginning. Your goal is to feel at one with the universal life force. Wear a robe or loose fitting clothing during your preparation.

Connect energetically with your partner. Undress mindfully one at a time. Thank them in your mind or out loud for experiencing this ancient ritual of  tantra massage with you. Once you are both naked, the one receiving the massage may lie down face up.

Massage from head to toe, but ignore the genitals. Work your way up from head to toe while you and your partner breathe deeply. Fully relax the receiver of the  tantra massage before moving on. Pay special attention to the center of the body.

The Yoni massage. In the Sanscrit language the vagina is called yoni. Gently massage the perimeter of the vagina. Go slowly, moving your fingers up and down both sides. Hold the clitoris loosely between your index and middle fingers and move them in a circular motion back and forth. Check in with your partner to make sure she’s breathing deeply and slowly. Keep stimulating her clitoris with left the hand and insert your right index finger into her vagina. Massage the inside of her yoni with varying pressure and finger placement. If the clitoris becomes too sensitive for finger stimulation, place your palm face down on the mound of her vagina and move in a circular motion. Remove your finger from inside her and finish up by touching her body. A light rubbing of her breasts, legs and abdomen signal the end of the massage and help disperse the energy from her “sacred spot.”
The Lingam massage, aka “Wand of Light.” Have your female partner start the lignam massage on you by working around the base of the lingam. Pay special attention to the testicles, pubic bone and the area between the anus and the scrotum. Stroke the shaft of the lingam using an upward motion alternating hands. Work the head as if you are juicing an orange. Keep changing directions and use both hands to massage the head and shaft at the same time. Move one hand down to the “sacred spot,” a small pea-sized area located between the testicles and the anus. Push inward slowly, simultaneously massaging the lingam. Your partner may be close to ejaculation at this point. Orgasm is not the goal of the massage, but a welcome side effect. End the session with rubbing his whole body with a light touch.

How to perform a nice tantric massage? from Asian massage London

How To Give Your Girl great sexy body Massage

First: This is a kind of erotic  massage!erotic massage

The sexy body to body massage (aka b2bmassage or sexy full body massage) is different than a standard massage in that you use your entire body to give the massage instead of just their hands. This is a sexy alternative to a typical ‘hands on’ massage that will help spark up your love life in just one night! your girle you’ll learn the secrets of how to give a sexy body massage.

1.Prepare the surface. A sexy body to body massage requires a lot of massage oil so before you begin, lay down a sheet or towel on the surface that you will be giving the massage on. This will make it easy to clean the area up once the massage is over.

2. Set the scene. Before you begin this erotic massage, you’ll want to set a romantic scene by dimming the lights and placing candles around the area. This will help your girl to relax during the sexy body massage. It will also put your girl in the mood for a romantic evening.

3. Undress both you and your girlfriend. Both you and your girl will need to undress for a sexy body massage. During this type of massage,your body is rubbed all over your girl, so you won’t want to have any undergarments in the way. Get completely undressed and your girl lay flat on your girl stomach to prepare for the sexy body massage.

4. Begin tyour body2body massage. Now you’re ready to begin the sexy body massage. To start, apply warm (not hot) massage oil liberally all over your girl back, shoulders and buttocks. Be sure to rub your hands togetyour girl before touching any area of the body. Begin by rubbing the back and shoulders with your hands only, massaging with a comfortable amount of pressure.

5. Take it up a notch. Once you have relaxed your girl (approximately 10 to 15 minutes) straddle your body across your girl buttocks, and rub against your girl lower body with your pelvic region as you continue to massage the shoulders, neck and arms. Use slow movements as you rub, and lower you face and kiss your partner as you gyrate and massage your girl body. Things will heat up quickly and you may be tempted to penetrate your girl, but don’t! The point of a sexy body massage is to tempt your partner with your body and make all your girl senses heightened. This will intensify the sex when it does finally occur.

6. Flip your girl over. To finish the b2b massage, flip your girl over and repeat the process on the front of your girl body. Since you will be eye to eye for this portion of the massage, most couples become overwhelmed with their passion for one anotyour girl and don’t make it far in the massage before they break down and have sex. Try to hold out as long as possible, as the longer you wait, the more animalistic you’ll become for one anotyour girl.

ps. you need to perpare : Massage oil and candel for the sexy body massage .